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Marathon, gridlock, SactoMoFo, tent cities, smart guns, Kings tattoos

The Pony Express marathon in Sacramento on Sunday snarled traffic from downtown to South Land Park.
The Pony Express marathon in Sacramento on Sunday snarled traffic from downtown to South Land Park. pkitagaki@sacbee.com

Not ready for prime time

Re “Marathon gridlock prompts scrutiny” (Local, May 3): True to form, Sacramento’s privileged class went into cranky mode as event organizers operated the first Pony Express marathon last weekend. Rather than embracing an exciting new event where young and old alike give it their all as they run through our beautiful city on a quiet Sunday morning, Land Park and midtown neighbors complained of minor detours.

As a Land Park neighbor, I congratulate the competitors and look forward to many more successful events. My minor detours were worth it. Each event should be a learning experience for event organizers, but Councilman Steve Hansen should support such efforts and help with their successful noticing and operation. The Rev. Michael O’Reilly should go to confession for cursing this great event.

William Pavao, Sacramento

Get ready for more gridlock?

I find it interesting that on page 3A there is an article about the impact of the marathon on traffic and how Councilman Steve Hansen wants answers on how this happened. Yet, on page 4A, there is an article on the SactoMoFo event moving to Discovery Park and expecting 25,000 people.

Are the planners and Hansen aware that there is only one way in and out of Discovery Park, and are they ready for the impact this event is going to cause?

Michael Amaro, Sacramento

Newsflash! Tent city already exists

To those who oppose a tent city for homeless people, I’ve got news for you: They already exist. All over the place. Especially in the American River Parkway.

So bringing them all together where there can be some supervision, services, garbage removal and bathrooms makes more sense.

Endless talk about “better solutions” does not help. There are homeless people who need immediate solutions, as in tonight. They have somewhere to sleep. Politicians have been muttering platitudes for many years while the problem continues unabated.

Gabriel Lewin, Davis

Little Pocket: Tear down those fences

The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency has sent letters to homeowners requesting consideration of an increased assessment to strengthen and improve the levees. I will vote “yes.”

Even though Little Pocket homeowners will benefit from this, they are permitted to erect fences to prevent bike riders and the walkers from using the levee. This has gone on for decades. There is disagreement about whether they have the right to block access.

This matter needs to be resolved. Access from the Pocket to the American River Parkway all the way to Folsom would benefit our community and the overall quality of life for residents.

Marilyn Peterson, Sacramento

With smart guns, I’ll need more

Re “Obama backs ‘smart gun’ technology” (Page 9A, April 30): So, under this plan a firearm is specific to a person. This should be great for gun manufacturers; instead of having one firearm for home protection I’ll need two, including my wife, and perhaps three or four depending upon how many adult children are living in my home or visiting at any particular time.

And then, let’s hope we grab the right gun and it doesn’t malfunction. What are the odds, right? Anyone own a car that’s computer-reliant? President Barack Obama says that “when we can take action to save even one life, we owe it to every American to do so.” Whose life? Mine, my family’s or the criminal that’s got the drop on us?

Douglas Kerner, Cameron Park

Blind admiration seen in Kings stunt

Re “Kings tattoo stunt is a sign of desperation, not loyalty” (Viewpoints, April 29): Jenifer Warren’s brilliant article points out the foolishness of the Kings’ publicity stunt. I’d like to point out that blind admiration for this dysfunctional organization only reinforces Sacramento’s image as that of a cow town.

The enormous amount of money spent by government for the downtown arena could have been better spent in ways that would improve our community and uplift our image.

Randal Simin, Fair Oaks


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