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Capitol violence, Benghazi sham, Clinton’s tactics, Afghan doctor

Two men were bloodied when anti-fascist protesters clashed with neo-Nazis who were having a rally at the Capitol on Sunday.
Two men were bloodied when anti-fascist protesters clashed with neo-Nazis who were having a rally at the Capitol on Sunday. pkitagaki@sacbee.com

Violence at Capitol is unacceptable

Re “Bloody melee didn’t help anyone’s cause” (Editorials, June 28): The bloodshed on the steps of the Capitol was sickening. As a Jew, I find the neo-Nazi, white-power rhetoric unconscionable. Yet, the violence by counter-protesters – the “anti-fascists” – was equally horrific.

Brawling with counter ideologues and harassing journalists has no place in our state. White supremacy rhetoric is horrific, but assaulting individuals with those beliefs inapposite to your own is no better.

Free expression is an essential foundation of our country. We cannot silence those with backward and hateful ideology just because they hold these ideas. We must value free expression. We can reject racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, not with violence, but compassion and tolerance.

Extremism and violence in the defense of an ideology will never be successful. We do not need to abandon our values to stand up to hate.

Ben Gevercer, Sacramento

Benghazi sham finally exposed

Re “Benghazi panel releases report” (Page 8A, June 29): The Republican-led Benghazi committee finally released its report, and once again it exonerates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing, as the previous seven Benghazi committees concluded.

This latest two-year probe, which cost taxpayers more than $7 million, was nothing more than a partisan effort to damage Clinton, as Rep. Kevin McCarthy correctly described. Thankfully, now the Republicans can get back to their regular jobs: two- to three-day workweeks, passing bills that go nowhere, and blocking meaningful legislation that would benefit everyday Americans.

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Ho-hum, Hillary Clinton lied

The Benghazi report makes clear that Hillary Clinton knew the attack was a planned terrorist operation before telling the American people, including the relatives of the victims, that it was a protest over a video. But that’s not a bombshell. That’s not a smoking gun. Just deceit so typical it isn’t even newsworthy.

Paul Greisen, Sacrameto

Clinton’s tactics of pay-to-play

Re “Donor promised to make Clinton ‘look good’ if appointed to board” (Insight, June 28): Kudos to The Bee and McClatchy’s Anita Kumar for thoroughly exposing the type of issues that are some of the biggest problems for the Hillary Clinton voter: lack of trust and pay to play. There seems to be many examples ever since she was first lady in the White House.

Just Google the amount of money paid to Bill Clinton for speeches from foreign countries – many in the Middle East that were involved with sensitive dealings with the U.S. – while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

James Peace, Sacramento

Imagine starting at the bottom

Re “No Safe Place: Afghan doctor, hit by car, says ‘This can’t be America’ ” (Special Report, June 26): I cannot imagine what it is like for these Afghans who come to America as refugees and start life again at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Dr. Najia Mohib was an obstetrician in Afghanistan but cannot work yet in America. Her American counterparts make, on average, between $200,000 and $250,000 a year. It must be really demoralizing for these highly educated people to come to the U.S. as the elite and become the lower class.

Thank you so much for writing these stories on marginalized communities and for your investigative reporting.

Ilyas Kiziloglu, Pleasanton


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