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Obama’s comments, officers ambushed, Trump-Pence, bicycling, fair concert

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump introduces Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump introduces Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday. AP

Obama should condemn Black Lives Matter

Re “Gunman kills 3 officers in Louisiana’s capital” (Page 1A, July 18): President Barack Obama should be ashamed of his audacious comments following the execution of three police officers in Baton Rouge, La. He is the very person who has stirred racial tension, and he should take full responsibility for these home-grown terrorists. He should condemn Black Lives Matter immediately for their terrorist activity.

David Williams, Roseville

What’s wrong with this picture?

Re “The plan for handling protesters in Cleveland” (Insight, July 16): Did anyone else ask themselves what’s wrong with the logic behind the city of Cleveland banning items like glass bottles in the event zone outside the arena, but telling citizens it’s OK to bring your guns to the designated protest areas for the Republican National Convention?

Firearms will not be allowed in the arena, but guns will be allowed in the event zone outside, which flies in the face of reason. However, I guess it’s OK since Ohio is an “open-carry state.”

David Norris, Sacramento

Topping Trump in name-calling

Re “Donald Trump, Mike Pence would make a scary team” (Editorial notebook, Erika D. Smith, July 15): I expect The Sacramento Bee’s editorials to lean left. But I have come to respect the tenor and high level of writing in the editorials.

Erika Smith’s editorial notebook on Mike Pence surprised me. After months of The Bee castigating Donald Trump for his use of language and name calling, Smith strikes an abysmal low, with a rant of name calling of Pence by other Republicans: referring to Chris Christie as a con man, Newt Gingrich as morally bankrupt, Trump is loud and obnoxious, and Pence as tone deaf and an empty suit. Trump-like name calling at its worst.

Joe Dobrowolski, Fair Oaks

Trump-Pence vs. clown Pennywise

I began reading Stephen King’s “It” in 1987 but became so terrified during a scene in the middle of the story that I closed the book and have never attempted to finish the story. Few things truly frighten me, but getting chased by a demonic clown would do the trick.

Enter Donald Trump and Mike Pence as presumptive leaders of the United States, making Pennywise the devil clown look like Fozzy Bear. Like Erika Smith, I, too, lived in Indiana and know well the depth and resolve of the Hoosier state, and some of its leaders on issues of human rights or the lack thereof.

As recent as 2013 same-sex couples could be imprisoned for up to three years for submitting a marriage license at the county clerk’s office. Scary? Who needs Stephen King when you have a Donald Trump-Mike Pence presidential ticket? Keep that night light on, friends.

Angela F. Luna,


What about dangers to cyclists?

Re “Should rule-breaking cyclists be sent to bike traffic school?” (Local, July 17): It seems once a month some media source, especially The Sacramento Bee, when discussing potential bicycle riding regulations, mentions Hilary Abramson, who was unfortunately hit by a bicyclist while walking on a sidewalk in midtown Sacramento. This incident is constantly used as rationalization to force bicyclists onto the streets in locations dangerous to bicyclists.

Could an article be published telling us how many bicyclists have been killed and maimed as opposed to pedestrians hit by bicyclists since Abramson’s accident?

Her statement, “Don’t ride your bike if you are afraid (of street riding) in the urban core,” seems callous and dismissive of the challenges bike riders face daily in Sacramento.

James Zuber, Sacramento

Dwight Yoakam concert was great

Sunday’s weather was great, the California State Fair was great, and the Dwight Yoakam concert was great. Thank you for bringing Dwight to Sacramento. He and his band put on a fabulous show.

Maria Gross,

El Dorado Hills


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