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GOP convention, Melania speech, veterans and law enforcement

Monday night’s speech was suppose to be Melania Trump’s introduction to American voters, but after her appearance on the Republican National Convention stage, accusations of plagiarism surfaced, eclipsing her achievement.
Monday night’s speech was suppose to be Melania Trump’s introduction to American voters, but after her appearance on the Republican National Convention stage, accusations of plagiarism surfaced, eclipsing her achievement. The Associated Press

GOP convention’s night of hate

Re “GOP delegates quell anti-Trump overtures” (Page 1A, July 19): It is now painfully obvious that today’s Republican Party has turned into the “Party of Hate.” On the Republican’s first convention night, speaker after speaker portrayed a message of hatred and animus, to reflect their nominee’s own venom and malice.

Even the pastor who delivered the benediction, which is normally an uplifting message of hope, called Hillary Clinton and the Democrats “the enemy.” The overall message coming out of the RNC is not unifying, which the country needs. President George W. Bush recently said it best: “I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president.”

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Pastor Burns prays for division

It is amazing that the tone of the GOP convention was set by Pastor Mark Burns’ benediction when he said “our enemy is ... Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.”

Historically, tyrannies begin by demonizing the opposition. At a time when our nation is reeling and needs to come together, Republicans showed their true colors. Burns said, “We together can defeat the liberal Democratic Party, to keep us divided and not united.”

Burns should be roundly condemned for his horrific comments. But, to truly understand where our country is at today, I recommend reading “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Written in 1997, it is an excellent discussion of the historical cycles in America. Right now, we are in the middle of a crisis cycle that will likely last another 10 years.

John Soltesz, Orangevale

Melania Trump in praise of Michelle

The Trump campaign claims it wants to move on from the Obama administration, but it chose to insert major and substantive portions of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech into Melania Trump’s speech. This even though Melania Trump is an intelligent and accomplished woman in her own right. This is a glowing tribute to Michelle Obama.

I am a longtime Republican who will be voting for Hillary Clinton. As Bill Maher said, an imperfect friend is not your enemy.

Emry Allen, Elk Grove

Don’t blame their vet background

Re “Gunman was ‘seeking out’ police officers” (Page 8A, July 19): As a veteran and the son of a veteran I have grown tired and exasperated that every time there is a shooting the media delves in to see if the shooter had any military background. What does that have to do with the story? What are you in the media implying that the shooting was fomented by a disgruntled person because of his or her military background?

The issue is that the shooters in Louisiana and Dallas were mentally ill and this caused their terrible actions, not because one was an Army vet and a Marine vet. The fact that they were veterans had nothing to do with the carnage that they caused. I am tired of what I view as a besmirching of the prior military service in these tragic shootings. I have friends that were in combat and they adjusted to civilian life.

James D. Reeves,


Enough with bad cop propaganda

I am a 32-year-career law enforcement veteran, beginning as a deputy sheriff and later as a CHP patrolman on graveyard shift in south central Los Angeles. I never shot anyone. I never stole anything. And the only person I ever hit was a Hell’s Angel who was pushing me through a chain link fence. I never hit anyone with a night stick. I never falsified a report or perjured myself in court. I never addressed anyone using a racial epithet. I am proud of my career.

All of the above is not unusual. It is the norm within law enforcement ranks. The Sacramento Bee’s continual publishing of derogatory columnists writing about all the crooked cops is not only puffed up and poorly researched, it is free advertising for the radical cop haters. It is needlessly hurtful and it does nothing to improve our communities and our nation.

Bill Sanders, Gold River


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