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Trump, Clinton and Wall Street, anti-Trump gunners, vitriol

Micah Naziri and others carry assault weapons in downtown Cleveland during the Republican National Convention as part of a “militant anti-fascist statement against the policies that Trump has proposed.”
Micah Naziri and others carry assault weapons in downtown Cleveland during the Republican National Convention as part of a “militant anti-fascist statement against the policies that Trump has proposed.” hamezcua@sacbee.com

GOP editorial is same old, same old

Re “What we’ve learned so far about the Trumps” (Editorials, July 20): As this editorial includes a quote from Ronald Reagan, I say the same to The Bee’s editorial board: “There you go again.” There is nothing that the Republicans could do that would satisfy The Bee’s editorial board.

I hope when Bill Clinton takes the stage that the board will identify him as the only living impeached president and the sexual predator that he is. Also explain to readers of how Hillary Clinton lied to the country on Benghazi and about her emails, as FBI Director James Comey addressed. I can only look forward to next week’s editorial on the Democrats’ convention.

Pat McCulley,

El Dorado Hills

No surprises in this Trump editorial

In revealing “what we’ve learned about the Trumps,” this editorial revolves around over-the-top attacks on Donald Trump’s platform of nativist, homophobic, protectionist, retrograde, gun-happy tenets. Little that readers didn’t suspect, unfortunately.

Readers are long inured to this feeding fixation that afflicts the far left. You can use editorial voice in columns to defend any wretched or injurious dogma you please. Can’t the editorial board do better than this cheap, garbled mess of chiseling and rancor?

James McCandless,


Wall Street loves Clinton’s policies

Re “Trump, Republican platform further alienate Wall Street” (Page 9A, July 20): What? Has the world turned upside down? Has some sanity returned to politics? Donald Trump and the Republicans have come out for the real reregulation of Wall Street, although not Hillary Clinton or the Democrats.

So the “greed is good” Wall Street boys are rushing to their old friends the Clintons whose previous deregulating made them rich while leading the country into the great recession, and they are doing it again, enriching themselves while leading us into another deregulation disaster.

The Wall Street boys may not like her social policies, but they love her financial ones, paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars for her secret private speeches to them.

You may not like Trump, but whom do you want to vote for, for Wall Street or for Trump?

Bill Jurkovich,

Citrus Heights

Anti-Trump column highly misleading

Re “Are we facing a future that’s fully loaded?” (Insight, July 21): Dan Morain’s column features a picture of an unsavory-looking guy with a rifle and guns in downtown Cleveland. The gist of most of the column is that Republicans fear a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean the end of the Second Amendment, and this man’s ability to own and open-carry guns.

How many people will read to the end of the column to find out that this man is actually anti-Trump and is protesting what he calls Trump’s fascist ideas? Way too many people will glance at the picture, the headline and the first few paragraphs – and then think that these are the type of “gun nuts” who support Trump.

I’m no Trump fan, but the presentation of this column and the order of the narrative are highly misleading. Shame on you.

Kathleen Beasley,


Is this the new America?

Re “Anti-Clinton vitriol resists boundaries” (Page 9A, July 21): Is this the new United States of America: Shouts of “hang her,” “firing squad,” “lock her up” and more ugly words? How can we talk to these people and their terrible mind-set? No matter how you are voting, this should be stopped.

Beverley Valerio, Lincoln


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