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Sheriff Jones, jury duty, old guys

Sacramento County’s courthouse is outdated and doesn’t make jury service any more pleasant.
Sacramento County’s courthouse is outdated and doesn’t make jury service any more pleasant. aseng@sacbee.com

Scott Jones’ character flaws

Re “The bro culture of Sheriff Jones” (Editorials, July 17): One character trait essential to those holding public office is the ability to predict the consequences of their actions in both their personal lives and in the public arena.

Sheriff Scott Jones’ indiscretion involving his female colleagues is one example of his carelessness. Another is his advocacy of permitting widespread use of concealed weaponry among county residents. Thinking ahead is not one of Jones’ virtues.

As he generously issues licenses for concealed weapons, does he stop and think that some of these gun owners may experience road rage or domestic problems and reach for their nearby guns? Also it is not uncommon to read of toddlers and others accessing guns and accidentally shooting a family member or themselves. The probability of these accidents to occur increases with each gun permit granted. It is apparent that Jones lacks the necessary character to serve as our congressman.

Doris Concklin,


Suggestions to improve jury duty

Re “A mixed verdict on jury duty” (Forum, Foon Rhee, July 17): Your article was a good start to address the problems inherent in being called for jury duty. There are some points that might also be considered.

First, I agree that the $15 per day is paltry. So skip the $15 and do two things with the money: First, provide valet parking. Parking is such a nightmare. Second, provide a nice box lunch for those called for jury duty.

Next, cut down on the wasted time taken by the court. Sitting around for hours waiting for the trial process to get started is insulting – especially to those who work for a living.

I have been called for jury duty numerous times, but I have never been selected to be on a jury. During my time waiting to be qualified as a juror, I have witnessed what I consider a very inefficient system that places little value on the time of potential jurors.

Dale Pletcher, Sacramento

Seniors deserve better treatment

Re “Bracing for chaos to strike in Cleveland” (Insight, July 18) and “Reality of race is lost on tone-deaf GOP convention” (Editorial notebook, July 21): Why does Erika Smith have to refer to some senior white men as “angry, old, straight white men” and a senior women as a “craggy old woman”?

I might remind Smith that many of these folks that she refers to fought or served our country so that she can practice her form of bigotry. I also might remind her at a time when so many people in our country are placing lines in the sand to defend their own intolerance all that she is doing is marginalizing many good people that truly do not deserve it.

She needs to remember that name-calling and branding will not help to bring us together. Seniors are people too and deserve better.

Gary Susnara, Rocklin


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