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Anti-gay conference, Trump’s speech, Cruz’s pledge, twin tunnels

Pastor Roger Jimenez, who praised the killings of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, has organized a gathering of like-minded pastors in Sacramento this week.
Pastor Roger Jimenez, who praised the killings of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, has organized a gathering of like-minded pastors in Sacramento this week. hamezcua@sacbee.com

Message of hate no longer tolerated

I am a 79-year-old former independent, fundamental, Missionary Baptist who, at age 12, grew up in an independent Baptist Church. I graduated from Baptist Bible College in 1957 at the tender age of 19.

Roger Jimenez simply doesn’t know what he is talking about when he says Baptists in the ’50s and ’60s were preaching sermons like he and his fellow preachers preach today.

It is true homosexuality was not tolerated. When I came out in 1960, I was asked to leave my church, but in all my years in the Baptist Bible Fellowship I never heard a sermon preached against homosexuals and certainly never heard any preacher say homosexuals should be killed because the Bible proscribed it.

Misguided preachers like Jimenez and their message of hate will still be around for a few more years, but their number is shrinking and their message will no longer be tolerated by educated, thinking people.

Jerry Sloan, Sacramento

president emeritus

and co-founder, Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Consider ‘Good Samaritan’ parable

Re “Anti-gay preacher will host sermons by allies” (Page 1A, July 23): So Roger Jimenez, the preacher for Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, and a few of his friends are putting on a “Red Hot” conference with lots of preaching on sin. Good idea.

Like Jimenez, I have no formal religious education or ordination, but from what I understand, Jesus spoke a great deal about the sins of hypocrisy (especially among religious leadership), spiritual pride, an impure heart, indifference to human need and more. There should be lots for them to consider, hopefully in the virtuous spirit of kindness, love and humility.

Perhaps Jimenez and his friends will also even consider Jesus’ story about the sin of hating your neighbors – it’s called “The Parable of the Good Samaritan” and is about a reviled outsider who becomes the hero of the story.

Christina Allan,


An ungodly gathering

Hate has always been and will always be a four-letter word. There is no place for it in our society, and certainly not in our houses of worship. The gathering of some faith leaders to share their hate in Sacramento is simply beyond reason. Perhaps that’s the answer to why they gather.

We understand that in America opinions can be voiced – but this is one that should not be heard. Let us pray, let us peacefully discuss and share the spirit of love and goodness in our congregations and let us teach love and consideration for all. Let us stay completely removed from such an ungodly approach to gathering in faith.

Jon B. Fish, Orangevale

president, Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento

Trump’s speech was one of hope

Re “Are we a nation in fear, as Trump in his convention speech claims?” (Insight, July 23): President Barack Obama reacted to Donald Trump’s convention speech by saying its vision of violence and chaos doesn’t jibe with the experience of most people. He went on to say, “I hope people the next morning walked outside and birds were chirping and the sun was out.”

I walk outside on the morning of the speech. The sun was shining and birds were chirping. However, the chirping sound was drummed out by a police helicopter circling. Later, at the nursery, I found its parking lot chained shut. It was on lockdown as police searched for men on a nearby overpass who were shooting into freeway traffic.

I did not find Trump’s speech to be “dark.” I found it to be an accurate description of my neighborhood that day, and of the state of our country and of the world. I found Trump’s speech to be one of hope, because he clearly sees the problems and he can begin to solve them.

Betsy Stenklyft, Roseville

No honor in Cruz breaking pledge

Re “Defiant Cruz says ‘no’ to ‘servile’ ” (Insight, July 22): People have said what a great lawyer Sen. Ted Cruz is. Well, Cruz pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and he broke his word. He cannot be trusted.

He can give a punch, but he cannot take a punch. He needs to join Hillary Clinton’s side, who cry when they don’t get their way.

Dewayne Ertl, Orangevale

Tunnels don’t solve our problem

Re “Delta tunnel planning enters critical phase” (Page 1A, July 24): The problem is not that we need a different way to divert water from Northern California to the south. The problem is that we need more water, and the twin tunnels won’t add more water.

A more productive solution would be to invest the same billions the tunnels would cost into increased storage and water production facilities.

Bob Johnson, Sacramento


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