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Clinton photo, Clinton history, class vs. crass, hackers and traitors, wasted votes

Former President Bill Clinton addressed the Democratic National Convention on the day Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.
Former President Bill Clinton addressed the Democratic National Convention on the day Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. The Associated Press

Which Clinton made history?

Re “Clinton shatters last political glass ceiling” (Page 1A, July 27): July 26 was a landmark day for women and girls, the Democratic Party, our nation and the world. Hillary Clinton truly shattered through the last political glass ceiling that has blocked our political system for centuries. Her presidential nomination has helped to push forward the feminist movement and has changed the perceptions of what a leader looks like to millions of young minds watching the convention.

Yet the featured picture on the July 27 front page of The Bee was that of Clinton’s husband. The hero image on this story should be that of the woman who fights for gender equality, bettering public education systems and rectifying racial injustices plaguing our judicial system – a true hero in our books.

The Fem Dems of Sacramento hope that by highlighting this seemingly subconscious misstep in journalism that The Bee will move forward with providing fair coverage and giving credit where credit is due.

Mary McCune, Sacramento

Really? A picture of Bill Clinton

The Sacramento Bee should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton is the first women ever to be nominated for the president of the United States and her husband’s picture is the big one on the front page?

Karen Chan, Sacramento

Obama, Clinton represent us all

Re “Obama stands with Clinton” (Page 1A, July 28): The contrast between the Democratic National Convention and that of last week’s hijacked Republican National Convention is simply one of pure class vs. pure crass. President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton represent us all, including mainstream Republicans.

Stephen R. Hoover,


The elephant in the room for Clintons

Re “Clinton offers intimate view of his wife” (Insight, July 28): It’s no wonder that Americans have a cynical and negative view of politics and the Clintons in particular. Bill Clinton’s loving and glowing praise of his wife Hillary begs the question: Given the accolades, why would he ever want to cheat on her? But then many constituents he was trying to reach were too young to know of his philandering and subsequent impeachment.

Mark Roberts, Loomis

It is Clinton who is unqualified

I hope the Democrats are enjoying their spoon-fed propaganda from their phony politicians and shallow entertainers. While I have my reservations about Donald Trump and will certainly disagree with him at times, if he becomes president, I will vote for him because for all his bluster, he is pro-American, has common sense and abhors the cancer of political correctness that is at the root of America’s recent decline.

Hillary Clinton is uninspiring, a proven liar and will change any position on a dime if it means five more votes.

Charles Hummer,

El Dorado Hills

A new name for Trump

Re “Trump: Let Putin look for Clinton’s lost emails” (Page 9A, July 28): In the past several days I have heard Donald Trump called a bully, a liar, a fraud and many other things. However, after he invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to hack Hillary Clinton and the DNC I have a new description: Traitor.

Michael Buck, Lincoln

Russia, while you’re at it …

Since Donald Trump is asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to look for Hillary Clinton’s lost emails, maybe Putin and his people can hack the IRS database and find Trump’s secret tax returns.

Donald Brazell, Roseville

Why waste a vote in this election?

Re “This Sandernista is leaving the Dems” (Letters, July 27): The writer who says he will vote for the Green Party rather than Hillary Clinton may be voting his conscience, but he could possibly help Donald Trump get elected.

If like-minded folks believe that there is no difference between candidates, then they should consider the election that put George W. Bush in the White House. Those who voted their conscience and voted for Ralph Nader helped elect Bush.

So, do you really want to waste your vote?

Robert A. Dell’Agostino, Sacramento


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