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Delta, Bible verse, Khizr Khan and Donald Trump

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Let’s build more desalination plants

When former Gov. Pat Brown built the California water project in the 1960s, he used the best available technology.

Should we regret that current Gov. Jerry Brown does not have the same foresight? He wants to spend $15.5 billion to build two tunnels using antiquated technology that does not provide California with any additional water.

A more prudent approach would be to use the latest technology to make potable water. Imagine how many desalinization and water recycling plants could be built for $15.5 billion.

By making instead of taking water, California’s water needs can be secured in perpetuity rather than temporarily.

Bruce Frohman, Modesto

Pastor needs to read the Bible

Re “Controversial pastor draws more than 200 to ‘red hot’ conference” (Page 1A, July 30): I see a problem with Pastor Roger Jimenez’s “penchant for literal interpretation of the Bible.” However, I see a larger issue with cherry-picking the Biblical passages and bypassing other passages that (you) choose to ignore.

Consider: Work on the Sabbath? You are to be put to death. Wear a garment made from two different kinds of thread? You are to be stoned. Eating shellfish? That is an abomination. Sell your daughter into servitude? That is fine, as is owning a slave, so long as he or she comes from a different nation.

If the Bible is law, Pastor Jimenez has lots more to do besides wishing more gay folks had been killed in Orlando.

Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax

Trump needs a civics lesson

Re “Dispute with Muslim family stings Trump” (Page 1A, Aug. 1) Donald Trump evidently needs to take up Khizr Khan’s offer to lend him a copy of the United States Constitution. Trump said Khan “has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution.”

Actually, Mr. Khan has exactly that right, guaranteed by the First Amendment. Trump could read about it in the well-worn copy Khan held aloft during his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday if he didn’t understand it the first time.

Trump also should find someone to explain to him the concepts of dignity, patriotism and basic human decency. The Khans’ son, Humayun, exhibited them when he was killed while serving our country. They remain qualities Trump demonstrably lacks.

Jack Peterson, Rocklin

Counting up Trump sacrifices

Donald Trump sacrificed the businesses of contractors by not paying them. He sacrificed Trump “University” students who paid $35,000 for a sales pitch. He sacrificed the retirement accounts of the people who put down the deposits of $200,000-$300,000 for never-built condos at Trump Ocean Resort. He sacrificed the American workers who didn’t get jobs when he illegally imported 200 workers to do demolition in Atlantic City.

Thomas Donohue, Elk Grove

Clinton hasn’t sacrificed much

Like millions of viewers, I watched the speech by Khizr Khan, with his wife beside him. Mr. Khan said of Trump “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” My heart goes out to his family for the great loss they endured for our country. But let’s be fair. What has Hillary Clinton sacrificed for our country?

Linda M. Loverin, Orangevale

In praise of Trump on immigration

Re “This immigrant became an American just to defeat Donald Trump” (July 31, Marcos Breton): Marcos Breton tells us that for 30 years the 77-year old Washington Espinoza chose to reside in America either as a non-citizen green card holder or as an undocumented immigrant and that he had resisted becoming a citizen until recently. Congratulations, Mr. Espinoza.

Breton’s column claims Trump’s candidacy inspired Espinoza to become an American citizen, but that inspiration is portrayed as a bad thing. I’m confused. If becoming a citizen is worthy of celebrating, why denigrate Trump for inspiring Mr. Espinoza?

John D. Kellis, Rocklin

Here’s a good conspiracy theory

Donald Trump is full of conspiracy theories. I have my own theory: The Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee, not the Republicans’ servers. Therefore, Trump is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin to rig the election for Trump. How is that for a conspiracy theory? Do you think Hillary Clinton will want to run with that one?

Mark Shannon, Sacramento


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