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Metro Chamber, Oak Park, bikes on sidewalks

A bicycle rider mixes with pedestrians on an L Street sidewalk next to Capitol Park on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, in Sacramento, Calif.
A bicycle rider mixes with pedestrians on an L Street sidewalk next to Capitol Park on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, in Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento Bee file

Chamber’s poor judgment

Re “Chamber will help Steinberg create jobs” (Another View, July 29): We’re trying to support and attract businesses to Sacramento. What kind of message are we sending to prospective businesses if our own chamber is willing to attack a key business ally along with a project they themselves supported?

It reeks of amateurs and poor judgment. If I had a business and was looking to locate in Sacramento, I would think twice. It’s time for the Sacramento Metro Chamber to have a good hard look at itself and question whether it helps Sacramento or hurts it.

Nikki Avdis, Sacramento

Oak Park’s progress

Re “City ponders cap for alcohol sales in Oak Park” (Insight, July 30): Having lived in the area for the past 34 years, but not in the Oak Park area, I’ve seen many changes take place in Oak Park.

People living in the area, along with businesses, have worked hard to change the image of Oak Park. They now have before them a decision that will determine the future of Oak Park.

I question the value of locating any convenience store that attracts the elements that Oak Park residents have worked to remove. Specialty shops would be affordable. I hope Oak Park residents continue to improve their neighborhood.

John E. Reven, Sacramento

Sidewalks are for walking

Re “Bringing order to the grid, one sidewalk at a time” (Erika D. Smith, July 30): If people riding bicycles or skateboards believe they need to be on the sidewalk because it is unsafe to ride in the bicycle lane or street, they should get off their bikes or skateboards and walk. Riding on sidewalks creates an unsafe condition for pedestrians. It is not acceptable to create one unsafe condition to eliminate another.

I moved downtown 18 months ago, have walked many miles on the sidewalks of downtown and midtown, and usually have some disturbing encounter with a bicyclist. I believe that most bicyclists ride the sidewalks for convenience reasons, not safety.

The use of bicycles, skateboards and other such equipment should be prohibited on sidewalks.

Brian Evans, Sacramento

SEIU dues keep rising

Imagine my surprise when I noticed my Service Employees International Union dues went up $10 this month.

My coworkers and I thought we were preventing SEIU from raising our dues, but the opposite occurred. If you wonder why SEIU is not supported, it is because the lowest-ranking employees are being ripped off by the dues structure that you set up.

Liz Kanter, Sacramento


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