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Hetch Hetchy, Trump’s pivot, teacher tenure

A photo taken of Hetch Hetchy Valley before it was flooded reveals a broad valley of the Tuolumne River. The river meandered westward, fed by the twin Wapama Falls.
A photo taken of Hetch Hetchy Valley before it was flooded reveals a broad valley of the Tuolumne River. The river meandered westward, fed by the twin Wapama Falls. Fresno Bee file

End the Hetch Hetchy dream

Re “Restore Hetch Hetchy during second century of the Park Service” (Viewpoints, Aug. 21): There he goes again. Spreck Rosekrans laments the creation of the Hetch Hetchy reservoir and clean energy system. Once again, he calls for dismantling a system that provides clean, reliable water for millions of Californians and produces enough carbon-free electricity to serve more than 260,000 homes.

And once again, he glosses over and omits key facts, failing to mention the estimated $10 billion price tag for demolishing Hetch Hetchy, ignoring the billions of dollars that have recently been invested to upgrade the system and blithely dismissing the serious question of how exactly that water and power get replaced.

Few would argue that Hetch Hetchy would ever be built today, but in a time of historic drought when climate change adds to growing uncertainty about the future reliability of our water, removing one of California’s major water storage systems is pure folly. It’s time to move on.

Adrian Covert, San Francisco

Watching the art of the deal

We are watching the “Art of the Deal” right now, though most of the media and politicians don’t see it. Donald Trump started at the far right end on immigration and has now worked to the middle where everyone thinks they win. With his poll of the audience this week in a Texas town hall, he got the consensus he was looking for. Trump was warm and personal with the people on stage and in the audience.

The blind, liberal media does not see the genius of Trump’s new way of campaigning. Instead of collecting billions from Nantucket, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, like Hillary Clinton, he has used publicity in the pivot the left feared he would make.

I know that there are millions of college educated Republicans who are quietly going to vote for Trump to prevent Clinton, with her lies and money-grabbing ways, from getting to the White House.

Kay Walsh, Sacramento

Continue teacher tenure fight

Re “Misconceptions, facts about tenure” (Letters, Aug. 25): Jerry Marr argues that teacher tenure laws are misunderstood and that criticism of current practices is unfair. He echoes union-promoted paranoia that says without tenure, due process would not exist. This is a false equivalency. There is no process. It’s an illusion and exists in name only.

Educators, students and the public deserve a meaningful due-process system. One that is robust and exists to improve teaching practices and positive student outcomes, and one that holds teachers and administrators accountable.

We deserve a fair and effective due-process system. Not the sham that exists today.

Dan Rott, Woodland


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