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Gun research, term limits, dove hunters, Broadway restaurants, tax returns

The University of California Firearm Violence Research Center will be under the direction of Garen Wintemute, a UC Davis professor, emergency room physician, researcher and an expert on firearm violence.
The University of California Firearm Violence Research Center will be under the direction of Garen Wintemute, a UC Davis professor, emergency room physician, researcher and an expert on firearm violence. Associated Press file

Bravo to gun violence research

Re “UC Davis Medical Center to house first-ever state gun violence research center” (Local, Aug. 31): Brilliant! Since Congress prohibits the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from gathering gun suicide and homicide data, California has now funded its own UC Firearm Violence Research Center. Bravo to those with the persistence to get this funding.

Imagine actually doing something to reduce tragedy, as we have done with other public health problems – bike helmets, seat belts, smoking, etc. As one example, according to Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit website, more than 700 children were killed by gunfire in 2015, 75 percent of those younger than 12. A toddler shoots someone about once a week. Why try to avoid changes to public policy? Isn’t that the point – finding strategies to reduce these and other senseless tragedies?

Coleen Saylor,

El Dorado Hills

professor emeritus,

School of Nursing,

San Jose State University

Arguing for and against term limits

Re “Five good arguments against legislative term limits” (Editorials, Sept. 1): The editorial board names five state legislators responsible for getting significant bills passed during their tenure, with the earliest of these bills dating back to 2002. While the board’s list may not be exhaustive, do the accomplishments of the five multiple-term legislators overshadow the lack of exemplary service from hundreds of other politicians who held office during the same time period? This editorial could easily be used to support more restrictive term limits.

Wes Hill, Carmichael

Dove hunters, stop trespassing

I am a farmer in the Central Valley and every year on opening day of dove season, our orchards become infested with irresponsible hunters who feel it’s their “right” to trespass. Even though we all post “no hunting” and “no trespassing” signs on our property, we still find dozens of these idiots shooting from the canal and into our orchards. We live on our property and have farmworkers in the orchard.

I hope they all receive tickets. No hunter is welcome along the canals to hunt without written permission from property owners. The hunters should join a gun club or find someone who will let them hunt on their property.

I wonder how they would feel if I pulled up in their front yard, set up a lawn chair and beer-loaded ice chest and started shooting over their property? Thanks for letting me vent.

L. Medeiros, Gustine

Broadway needs a renaissance

Re “Broadway already is restaurant row” (Letters, Aug. 31) and “Investors plan ‘foodie’ housing, restaurant project on Broadway” (Local, Aug. 29): Contrary to the letter to the editor, Broadway is not restaurant row. Except for a small handful of good restaurants, Broadway is the very definition of a food desert.

It’s dirty, with too many fast-food outlets, and convenience stores that sell liquor. Broadway is the iconic heart of Sacramento and has been left out of the wonderful renaissance springing up all over the city.

On Broadway between 10th Street and Franklin Boulevard, there are 11 abandoned buildings, three empty lots, five gas/liquor stores and nine fast-food restaurants. If you are of low- or middle-income, your only option should not be buying food from a fast-food place or liquor store. Kudos to Andrew Skanchy and New Helvetia and Sellands for taking a risk on Broadway. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Karin Caves, Sacramento

No tax return is a deal-breaker

I’ve voted for every Republican presidential candidate since Gerald Ford, but I won’t vote for devious Donald Trump unless he provides his tax returns. Being audited is no excuse; releasing a tax return does not affect the audit. If Trump wants my vote, I need to know he doesn’t owe $10 billion to Russia or China.

Richard Collard, Roseville


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