How does President Trump get re-elected in 2020? With lots of help from California

California government has fashioned itself as the so-called “resistance” to the Trump movement.

For many triggered and elite progressives, this is the ideal government they have always dreamed of. Labor unions are in complete control of the Capitol, charter schools are now on the defensive and the state is free of any interference that would otherwise prevent it from single-handedly tackling climate change.

And now California Democrats, who no longer have the usual boogeyman of Republicans to provide them with loyal opposition, want to solve every problem and fight everyone under the sun. A prime example would be the recent rift between Democrats and Silicon Valley – who are usually aligned – over who constitutes a full-time employee or contract worker.

The only thing out of Democratic control these days is the federal government.


But, at every turn, California has sued our federal government – more than 50 times – costing taxpayers well over $10 million dollars. And while our state leaders are engaged in a hyper-partisan war with Washington, California continues to lead the nation with the highest poverty rate. So far, the only answer to the state’s homelessness crisis has been more government intervention, which experts say will simply exacerbate the problem.

If this is what progressivism truly looks like, the Democrats can keep it. Most of the nation feels this way, too.

Progressivism, while an appealing word, often comes with a grand vision that includes many setbacks. Elite progressives no longer are subtle about their indifference to those who don’t share their vision. In their minds, if you don’t like it, you can leave. While many Californians who could afford to do so have done just that, those who have been left behind wonder why simple and necessary functions of government are being overlooked.


Most people want the freedom to provide diverse educational opportunities for their children. They also want a government that ensures the roads are paved, and they want to be able to keep a good portion of their hard-earned money. For these folks, while climate change is real, it shouldn’t mean everyone ends up with expensive electric ovens, solar panels and Teslas overnight.

But California government right now doesn’t seem to care about that. California for “all” only means “all the things government chooses to accept,” and nothing more.

People – including millions of California residents – can see that. They’re just too inundated with the soul-crushing realities of everyday life to meaningfully impact their government. These “resistance” conditions only hurt poor and working-class Californians.

The rest of the nation is intently watching how the California government responds to its own problems at home. I can assure you that if the state continues down this unfettered big government path, it will ensure that Trump is re-elected president in 2020.

Corrin Rankin is president of the Legacy Republican Alliance, a political action committee. She can be reached at
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