California Nation

California Nation podcast: What lies ahead for Gavin Newsom and CA Republicans?

The midterms provided a sweeping victory for California Democrats. They secured supermajorities in both chambers of the Legislature, picked up several congressional seats and are in prime position to sweep all of the statewide contests.

There were many surprises, but one result that came as no shock was the election of Gavin Newsom for governor. On the campaign trail, he’s pushed a bold, progressive agenda centered on tackling affordability and resisting President Donald Trump at every turn.

Newsom has previously appeared on the “California Nation” podcast to offer solutions to the issue of homelessness. This week on the show, other political figures share their thoughts on what they’d like to see under Newsom’s administration.

At The Sacramento Bee’s California Priorities summit on Nov. 9, former Republican Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen surprised attendees by describing her party as “not salvageable at this point in time.” She hopes Newsom will work with an ever-dimininshing group of Republicans to tackle issues of mutual interest, such as affordability, education and infrastructure. Though she acknowledges there is less incentive for Newsom to collaborate with Republicans, Olsen would like him to try.

Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, fears that Newsom isn’t considering the costs of some of his more ambitious policy goals. He also worries about Newsom alienating the federal government.

Former California Gov. Gray Davis is excited to see what’s in store under a Newsom governorship and has a lot of advice on how he can lead a successful transition and capitalize on his popularity the moment he takes office in January.

Later on in this week’s show, Democratic political consultant Roger Salazar chats with Republican consultant Mike Madrid. They agree the midterms spell trouble for the future of the Republican Party and believe California’s future could include an internal rift that splinters the Democratic Party into a progressive and moderate wing.

Finally, on the Buzz of the Week segment, Ryan Sabalow, reflects on his reporting in Paradise covering the Camp Fire. He had to fight through tears to tell the story of his efforts to rescue a cat named London. It was “something beautiful amid total disaster.” Those looking to assist wildfire victims are encouraged to send cash and gift cards to evacuation centers rather than flood them with unnecessary supplies. You can also donate to the American Red Cross and the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund.