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What the Bee's fee-based archive contains/does not contain

The Bee's news archive contains Bee staff-written stories published between 1984 and the present. Generally the material is current 24 hours after publication.

THE ARCHIVE DOES NOT INCLUDE wire service stories, stories from other papers, PHOTOGRAPHS, GRAPHICS, calendar items or ads (including paid FUNERAL NOTICES). The archive also does not include any Web-only content that has been posted on, or You may search the archive and scan headlines for free. A fee of $2.95 is charged for each story displayed in full. To view stories you must create an account with NewsLibrary , the service which makes the Bee archive available through the Internet. By setting up an account, your credit card number will be kept on file so that you will not have to enter it each time you wish to retrieve the full text of an article. You may obtain older news stories not found in the Internet archive through microfilm copies of the newspaper (1857-date) at several area libraries, including the Sacramento Public Library Central Branch, California State Library, University of California, Davis Library, and California State University, Sacramento Library. Duplication or distribution of archival material is strictly prohibited