Sacramento-area holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

Feb. 22

▪ John Blevens, 150-yard eighth hole at Cold Springs, 6-iron

Feb. 28

▪ Val Cassidy, 178-yard second hole at Bradshaw, 4-hybrid

March 1

▪ Gary Day, 292-yard 11th hole at Woodcreek, driver

March 6

▪ David Russell, 182-yard 17th hole at WildHawk, 6-iron

March 7

▪ Floyd Wells, 97-yard sixth hole at Bradshaw, 7-iron

▪ Mel Marasco, 84-yard third hole at Bradshaw, pitching wedge

▪ Brian McDowell, 122-yard eighth hole at SilverRock, 8-iron

March 9

▪ Dave Hopkins, 135-yard fourth hole at Black Oak, 6-iron

March 10

▪ Jeff Darzell, 120-yard second hole at Foothill, pitching wedge

▪ George Schaezlein, 200-yard 17th hole at Antelope Greens, driver

▪ Joe Fritz, 165-yard 12th hole at Rocklin, 7-iron

▪ Jesse Pecota, 110-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, sand wedge

March 11

▪ Fabian Espinoza, 102-yard 17th hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, pitching wedge

March 12

▪ Douglas Beckman, 182-yard 14th hole at Mather, 4-iron

▪ Valerie Lake, 133-yard ninth hole at Haggin Oaks (Arcade Creek), driver

March 13

▪ Fred Mason, 119-yard 16th hole at Antelope Greens, sand wedge

March 14

▪ Carl Cowan, 152-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 7-iron

▪ Josh Lyons, 116-yard eighth hole at Indian Creek, 9-iron

▪ Jim Stadler, 84-yard 17th hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, sand wedge

▪ Dede Mattley, 105-yard fourth hole at Swallows Nest, 7-iron

March 15

▪ Cameron Skreden, 216-yard 14th hole at Del Paso, 4-iron

March 16

▪ Linda Vierra, 97-yard sixth hole at Bradshaw, 7-iron