Sacramento-area holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

March 28

▪ Daniel Himes, 107-yard fifth hole at Foothill, gap wedge

April 3

▪ David Zielke, 143-yard first hole at Campus Commons, 7-iron

April 4

▪ Art Jepson, 185-yard seventh hole at Black Oak, driver

April 5

▪ John DeWildt, 122-yard seventh hole at Winchester, 9-iron

April 8

▪ Ron Moon, 117-yard sixth hole at Foothill, 7-iron

April 11

▪ Mark Meyer, 84-yard third hole at Bradshaw, 9-iron

▪ Barbara Simon, 115-yard fifth hole at Timber Creek, 4-hybrid

April 12

▪ Steve Braden, 119-yard 11th hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), wedge

April 14

▪ Julie Chenu, 127-yard fifth hole at Del Paso, 3-wood

▪ Dixie Hueckel, 92-yard fourth hole at Catta Verdera, 9-iron

▪ Rees Lee, 125-yard 17th hole at Ancil Hoffman, 4-iron

▪ Kao Meng Saechao, 135-yard 14th hole at WildHorse, 9-iron

April 15

▪ Richard Larsen, 98-yard 13th hole at Antelope Greens, 7-iron

April 16

▪ Jack Horton, 147-yard sixth hole at WildHorse, 6-iron

▪ Don Shaffer, 130-yard 17th hole at Cold Springs, 6-iron

April 17

▪ Jim Fitzpatrick, 119-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 7-iron

▪ Linnet Fong, 127-yard 16th hole at Valley Hi, 5-wood

▪ Teddy Gargulikis, 159-yard eighth hole at Cordova, 9-iron

April 18

▪ Hayden Mammen, 143-yard 14th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 8-iron

▪ Ryan Parry, 105-yard seventh hole at Bing Maloney Express 9, gap wedge

April 19

▪ Zac Barragan Reidt, 120-yard fifth hole at Bing Maloney Express 9, driver

April 21

▪ Robert Moore, 136-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, 6-iron