Holes in one in the Sacramento region (through May 16)

Holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

April 8

▪ Tom Barnes, 145-yard second hole at Rancho Murieta (North), 6-iron

May 4

▪ Paul Bandanza, 130-yard eighth hole at Auburn Valley, 8-iron

May 5

▪ Nathan Billo, 191-yard fifth hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, 5-iron

May 6

▪ Ted Bull, 140-yard 17th hole at the Ridge, 8-iron

▪ Scott Clendenen, 140-yard 17th hole at the Ridge, 8-iron

▪ Nancy Drazenovich, 180-yard seventh hole at Valley Hi, 3-wood

▪ Gary Krezman, 177-yard 12th hole at the Ridge, 4-hybrid

▪ Jan Walker, 84-yard third hole at Bradshaw, 11-wood

May 8

▪ Garrett Lokka, 111-yard fifth hole at Emerald Lakes, sand wedge

▪ Bill Scott, 160-yard 12th hole at WildHawk, 4-wood

May 9

▪ Jeff Nelson, 141-yard 16th hole at Davis, 8-iron

May 10

▪ Wayne Kelly, 172-yard 14th hole at Mather, 4-hybrid

▪ Zachary Solomon, 120-yard 15th hole at Spyglass Hill, pitching wedge

▪ Virginia Yeargin, 107-yard 13th hole at Bing Maloney, 5-wood

May 11

▪ Leo Doan, 196-yard 12th hole at WildHawk, 6-iron

▪ Doug Smith, 124-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, 8-iron

May 12

▪ Teresa Moss, 140-yard 17th hole at Cold Springs, 4-hybrid

May 14

▪ Suzanne Fletcher, 134-yard seventh hole at Mather, 4-hybrid

▪ Randy Helisser, 169-yard 12th hole at Cameron Park, 5-iron

May 15

▪ Tom Dodaro, 104-yard 11th hole at Turkey Creek, pitching wedge

▪ Randy Lawson, 110-yard eighth hole at Indian Creek, pitching wedge

May 16

▪ Steve Dillon, 160-yard eighth hole at Sierra View, 6-iron