Sacramento-area holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5526.

March 5

▪ Christian Grier, 157-yard 13th hole at Apple Mountain, 9-iron

April 18

▪ Rick Spears, 147-yard sixth hole at Auburn Valley, 6-iron

April 22

▪ Maurice Everman, 172-yard seventh hole at Campus Commons, 5-iron

April 28

▪ Chung Yi Liu, 122-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, 8-iron

May 8

▪ Troy Shipman, 157-yard seventh hole at Apple Mountain, 8-iron

May 11

▪ Cindy Sullivan, 93-yard fifth hole at Antelope Greens, 6-iron

May 15

▪ Jerry Reedy, 130-yard 12th hole at Del Paso, pitching wedge

May 24

▪ Mariah Calpo, 111-yard fourth hole at Bradshaw, 9-iron

▪ Mark Giacomini, 121-yard eighth hole at Auburn Valley, pitching wedge

May 25

▪ Mark Giacomini, 121-yard eighth hole at Auburn Valley, pitching wedge

May 29

▪ Kyle Schmiegel, 160-yard fourth hole at Apple Mountain, 7-iron

▪ Jack Kissee, 115-yard fifth hole at Bradshaw, 5-wood

May 30

▪ Marc Beaumont, 91-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, lob wedge

May 31

▪ Michael Valencia, 109-yard fifth hole at Emerald Lakes, wedge

▪ Dave Johnson, 110-yard ninth hole at Bradshaw, pitching wedge

June 2

▪ James Pisenti, 101-yard sixth hole at DarkHorse, sand wedge

▪ Gary Crawford, 130-yard eighth hole at Bradshaw, 8-iron

June 4

▪ Bob Powell, 110-yard 17th hole at Cold Springs, 7-iron

June 5

▪ Linda DeLong, 100-yard fourth hole at Woodcreek, 8-iron

▪ Thomas Dodaro, 105-yard 11th hole at Turkey Creek, wedge

▪ Gibb MacLean, 161-yard fourth hole at Morgan Creek, 7-iron

▪ Jim Cress, 131-yard 17th hole at WildHawk, 8-iron

▪ Ken Thomas, 150-yard 16th hole at Rocklin, 6-iron

June 6

▪ Ernie Koch, 119-yard 17th hole at Bass Lake, pitching wedge

▪ Brandon Gilhuly, 138-yard third hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron

▪ Lisa Ronning, 83-yard 17th hole at WildHawk, pitching wedge

▪ Ted Machado, 127-yard 12th hole at Wildhorse, pitching wedge

▪ Mike Ratzcaff, 93-yard 14th hole at Wildhorse, gap wedge

June 7

▪ Vicki Philpott, 113-yard 16th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 8-iron

▪ Jesse De Los Reyes, 139-yard 11th hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), 9-iron

▪ Jason Clements, 181-yard 16th hole at Teal Bend, 5-iron

▪ Keith Wilkenson, 158-yard third hole at Davis, 5-iron

June 8

▪ Michael Romero, 147-yard third hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 6-iron

▪ Richard Kozuki, 156-yard 14th hole at Haggin Oaks (MacKenzie), 4-hybrid