Sacramento-area holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

July 29

Rick Beall, 114-yard 14th hole at Ancil Hoffman, 8-iron

July 31

Rob Schroeter, 125-yard 17th hole at Ancil Hoffman, 7-iron

Aug. 2

David Jacks, 160-yard 17th hole at Ancil Hoffman, 8-iron

Aug. 4

Bob Romness, 169-yard sixth hole at Catta Verdera, 7-wood

Aug. 5

Steve Lake, 116-yard fifth hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron

Mary Maguire, 133-yard ninth hole at Indian Creek, 23-degree hybrid

Aug. 6

Jim Reese, 68-yard 17th hole at Bartley Cavanaugh, sand wedge

Aug. 7

Mark Hatala, 108-yard sixth hole at Indian Creek, pitching wedge

Larry Bass, 148-yard 17th hole at Del Paso, 7-iron

Aug. 8

Jamie Johnson, 105-yard 12th hole at Whitney Oaks, 9-iron

Aug. 9

Kevin Prince, 82-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, gap wedge

Paul Michel, 181-yard seventh hole at Valley Hi, 4-hybrid

Aug. 10

Larry Schurr, 110-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, wedge