Holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at (916) 326-5503.

Jan. 10

▪ Jim Graves, 142-yard ninth hole at Sunrise, 6-iron

Jan. 12

▪ Logan Kerby, 185-yard 12th hole at Sierra View, 6-iron

Jan. 13

▪ Joe Johnson, 77-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, pitching wedge

Jan. 14

▪ Judy Hurner, 89-yard 12th hole at Paradise Valley, 9-iron

▪ June Marie Jurich, 105-yard fourth hole at Swallows Nest, driver

Jan. 15

▪ Joseph Gargus, 102-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, gap wedge

▪ Lauren Johansen, 105-yard 17th hole at Cold Springs, 5-wood

Jan. 16

▪ Bill Agnell, 165-yard 12th hole at Teal Bend, 4-hybrid

Jan. 17

▪ Andy Sachs, 147-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 7-iron

Jan. 18

▪ Trevor Hull, 104-yard first hole at Bing Maloney Express, pitching wedge

Jan. 19

▪ Cliff Stapp, 152-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 5-hybrid