Sacramento-area holes in one



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July 2

Robert LaPord, 130-yard third hole at Mather, 7-iron.

July 17

Van Tran, 152-yard 16th hole at

Bing Maloney, 6-hybrid.

July 25

Jeannine Wuschnig, 105-yard 16th hole at Lincoln Hills (Hills), 7-hybrid.

July 26

Ted Komaki, 124-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, 9-iron.

July 27

Monte Ikemire, 147-yard 13th hole at WildHorse, 6-iron.

Homer Evans, 77-yard fourth hole at Antelope Greens, pitching wedge.

July 29

Charlotte Wells, 127-yard fifth hole at Bing Maloney, 5-hybrid.

July 31

Pam Simpson, 115-yard fifth hole at Sierra View, 6-iron.

Aug. 1

Tony Oliveira, 185-yard seventh hole at Black Oak, driver.

Aug. 2

Ted Smith, 140-yard eighth hole at Bailey Creek, 9-iron.

Bert Curtis, 158-yard fourth hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), driver.

Curtis Howard, 92-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, pitching wedge.

Aug. 3

Tom Burton, 137-yard third hole at Mather, 9-iron.

Richard Damas, 120-yard eighth hole at Cherry Island, pitching wedge.

Mel Planchon, 84-yard first hole at Bradshaw, 8-iron.

Aug. 4

Dean Wilson, 105-yard fifth hole at Cherry Island, pitching wedge.

George Beach, 112-yard 14th hole at Ancil Hoffman, 9-iron.

Aug. 6

Lew Gasper, 110-yard 11th hole at Turkey Creek, gap wedge.

Jeremy Smedstad, 137-yard 11th hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), 9-iron.

Aug. 8

Joe Gonzalez, 137-yard seventh hole at Mather, 5-hybrid.

Lance Drager, 121-yard seventh hole at Davis, 9-iron.

Aug. 9

Sue Hall, 84-yard third hole at Bradshaw, 9-iron.