Sacramento-area holes in one

Holes in one must be faxed on golf course stationery to The Bee at 916-326-5503.

July 15

Ken Slomski, 149-yard fourth hole at Myrtle Beach National (SouthCreek), 8-iron

Aug. 3

Allen Kane, 142-yard ninth hole at Sunrise, 6-iron

Aug. 4

Wayne Haller, 109-yard 13th hole at Antelope, 8-iron

Aug. 6

Ray Costley, 109-yard 15th hole at Apple Mountain, sand wedge

Aug. 8

Michael O’Toole, 112-yard 16th hole at Morgan Creek, 9-iron

Aug. 9

Wayne Thompson, 132-yard second hole at Apple Mountain, 6-iron

Kyle Holdredge, 130-yard eighth hole at Bradshaw, 9-iron

Aug. 10

Richard Balding, 155-yard 16th hole at Bing Maloney, 4-hybrid

Jim Gray, 160-yard 12th hole at Sierra View, 6-iron

Jim Anderson, 140-yard 16th hole at Valley Hi, 6-iron

Gary Perkins, 161-yard 16th hole at Rancho Murieta (North), 4-iron

Aug. 11

Saeed Irani, 160-yard eighth hole at Arroyo Trabuco, 7-iron

Shirley Roberts, 120-yard eighth hole at Whitney Oaks, 8-iron

John Elo, 181-yard eighth hole at Sierra View, 5-iron

Aug. 12

Janis McLean, 140-yard fifth hole at Dry Creek, 5-wood

Tim Maycock, 165-yard eighth hole at Sierra View, 6-iron

Chris Reid, 130-yard third hole at Turkey Creek, pitching wedge

Aug. 14

Curtis Webb, 158-yard 14th hole at Turkey Creek, 8-iron

Aug. 15

Kevin French, 110-yard 11th hole at Castle Oaks, pitching wedge

Aug. 16

Jose Vergara, 124-yard 12th hole at Diamond Oaks, pitching wedge

Aug. 17

Karen Shaw, 115-yard 15th hole at WildHorse, 7-iron

Ed Harrington, 147-yard 11th hole at Serrano, 9-iron

Sun Young Kim, 113-yard 18th hole at Empire Ranch, 5-wood

Shannon Gomez, 93-yard fifth hole at Antelope Greens, 6-iron

Aug. 18

Lalo Perez, 130-yard seventh hole at Lincoln Hills (Orchard), 7-iron

Aug. 19

Jim Rennenger, 131-yard 17th hole at Serrano, 9-iron

Curt Pelley, 171-yard 11th hole at Serrano, 6-iron

John Limcaco, 84-yard third hole at Bradshaw, pitching wedge

Aug. 22

Paul Aldrete, 136-yard 16th hole at Teal Bend, 6-iron

Jack Kissee, 97-yard sixth hole at Bradshaw, 26-degree hybrid