See awesome teamwork: Astros fan gets hat back and players push stuck ambulance off field

Twitter/ryanderek25 via Storyful

This week, two videos surfaced showing that teamwork means more than just chemistry between teammates while running plays on the field or court.

And this teamwork delighted those who witnessed it. First, up - Astros fans work together to get a woman her hat back after she dropped it several floors down.

A woman dropped her hat from the seventh floor of a parking garage during the Houston Astros’ World Series celebration parade in Houston on November 3, but fans worked together to return her hat.

Next, a Texas high school football team pushes an ambulance off the field after it got stuck. The vehicle came out to serve an injured quarterback. It turned out he didn’t need an ambulance.

An ambulance got stuck when it was called onto the field after Northmor High School's quarterback was injured in a game against Fort Frye High School in Beverly, Ohio. The quarterback ended up not needing the ambulance, and medical staff was unabl

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