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Matt Barnes challenges president for focusing on sports, not ‘real world issues’

The Golden State Warriors will not be invited to the White House to celebrate their recent championship, a ceremony that reportedly dates to the 1800s.

Too bad for Matt Barnes, the Sacramento native who just won his first ring in his 14th NBA season. The Del Campo High School graduate, who is currently a free agent, posted on Instagram he has plenty to say to President Donald Trump if he “had the chance.”

Barnes, who has twice played for the Kings in his career, shared his feelings on social media with a screenshot of a Business Insider article about a soldier who backs Colin Kaepernick’s silent anthem protests.

“Dear Mr President, A million things cross my mind when I think about what I’d say to U if I had the chance,” Barnes, 37, said on Instagram.

“Maybe the fact that the worlds been hit w several natural disasters in the last few months, people have lost everything from lives, homes electricity & water! Not to mention the KKK marched & preached their hate in Charlottesville & basically over looked that with your half ass explanation of the situation. Despite all those REAL WORLD ISSUES, U find the time to attack black athletes for peacefully taking a knee, or not wanting to meet U. Not only do U disrespect them as men, but U have the nerve to disrespect their mothers! ‘Unheard of from a man in your position of power’ These men are speaking up for the millions out there w/o a voice, utilizing their platform in a peaceful manner to bring attention to the disgusting ways minorities are treated in this country. U speak on the disrespect towards our vets who served & the flag.

“But if U really cared how these vets felt, why are there thousands of homeless vets living under highway overpasses, thousands hooked on drugs & thousands with no health care..?? If U really cared about these vets like U claim U do, start with fixing those problems!! That’s only if U really care, but I don’t think that’s really the issue here.. I think U & your ‘good ole boys’ are mad that these BLACK athletes who makes millions, have brains & are educated, run business now have the (expletive) nerve to make a stand!! U don’t like that we use our platforms to call U on your mistakes & speak out against these men & women who are sworn to protect & serve, & how they continue killing unarmed minorities, not only are they killing them but it’s being filming & they still get away w it! U think to ‘MakeAmericanGreat’ we have to go back to the way things were 50-60 yrs ago. But let me show you where U (expletive) up.. Coming 4 Sports!! Sports is the one thing that brings the world together, no matter the race religion or sexual preference. For those 2hrs none of that superficial (expletive) matters! U made us athletes realize that together we are the strongest most influential group on earth! Now watch us work TOGETHER ✊”

Strong words from a man often called one of the toughest guys in the NBA.