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A 6-foot-10 NBA center enjoyed Sacramento's cheesiest burger. Here's why he was in town

FILE -- The famous "Squeeze with Cheese" burgers at the new Squeeze Inn in Roseville, Wednesday, May 26, 2010.
FILE -- The famous "Squeeze with Cheese" burgers at the new Squeeze Inn in Roseville, Wednesday, May 26, 2010. Sacramento Bee File

If you were visiting Sacramento for a three-day stint, which local eateries would you hit up? The answer might vary based on the nature and size of your appetite.

For 6-foot-10 pro basketball center Bam Adebayo, a Squeeze Burger with a whole lot of cheese seems to have hit the spot.

Adebayo was in town for the California Classic, a four-team NBA summer tournament hosted by the Kings last week at Golden 1 Center. The 20-year-old big man was a first-round selection by the Miami Heat in the 2017 draft, and a member of the team's summer league roster this year.

Local burger joint Squeeze Burger (formerly Squeeze Inn) documented Adebayo consuming its very, very cheesy "Squeeze w/ Cheese" burger in a video posted Friday to the restaurant's Facebook page.

"I'm about to destroy this burger," Adebayo says in the video.

"I'm really enjoying it," he adds with a wide smile. "I'm definitely coming back to Squeeze Burger."

The one on K Street isn't the only Squeeze Burger in California — the Guy Fieri-approved joint has another store on Power Inn Road, and locations in Roseville, Tracy, Galt, Stockton and Napa. But the K Street spot is definitely the closest to an NBA stadium.

Visiting NBA players looking to try out local cuisine typically don't have a long time to do so, especially when they visit the Kings.

Notably, Sacramento doesn't typically see many multi-day trips from visiting NBA rosters. The nature of NBA schedules means that teams don't face off for consecutive games at the same venue until the playoffs. And, well, the Kings haven't exactly spent much time in the playoffs recently — in fact, they're currently in the league's longest postseason drought.

Sacramento is also one of four cities that has never hosted NBA All-Star festivities. So, save for the recent California Classic — which brought the Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat to Golden 1 Center — when NBA visitors come to Sacramento, they really only have to stay for a day.

Adebayo has a connection in Sacramento, though. He and Kings guard De'Aaron Fox were teammates at Kentucky.