Luke Walton is accused of sexual assault. Other NBA cases have California ties

What we know about the sexual assault suit against Luke Walton in 1 minute

Sports reporter Kelli Tennant has filed sexual assault allegations against Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton. Here's a look at the issue.
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Sports reporter Kelli Tennant has filed sexual assault allegations against Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton. Here's a look at the issue.

New Kings coach Luke Walton is accused of sexually assaulting a sports reporter while he was an assistant with the Golden State Warriors.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Walton allegedly had inappropriate contact with Kelli Tennant at a Santa Monica hotel during a meeting about a book she published.

Walton’s attorney, Mark Baute, told The Bee on Monday night Tennant’s claims are “baseless allegations” and “not credible.”

A number of sexual assault cases have been filed against NBA players over the years. Some have been dropped outright while others reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

Here’s a look at some notable cases:

Kobe Bryant

Accuser: Not publicly released

Allegations: A 19-year-old woman accused the then-24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star of forcing her into rough sex in a Colorado hotel room in 2003. He claimed the sex was consensual.

Result: The case was dropped because she didn’t want to testify. An undisclosed settlement was reached.

Kevin Johnson

Accuser: Amanda Koba

Allegations: Johnson, then a player with the Phoenix Suns, was accused by Koba, then a teenager, in the 1990s. The Bee obtained audio released by Phoenix police of a 1996 phone call between the two.

Result: No criminal charges were filed, but The Bee reported in 2008 that Koba and Johnson had a draft confidential settlement agreement in 1997 worth $230,000.

Anthony Mason

Accuser: Two teenage girls

Allegations: The Charlotte Hornets forward and another man were accused of having sex with two teens, ages 15 and 14, in a New York-area house in February 1998.

Result: DNA tests showed no link to Mason and the teens, but he pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in June 1998. He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

Ruben Patterson

Accuser: Name not released, but she was the family nanny

Allegations: The Seattle SuperSonics forward was accused of trying to rape the nanny at his Bellevue, Washington, home in September 2000.

Result: In May 2001 he was ordered to 15 days in jail and had to register as a sex offender if he stayed in Washington state. He signed with the Portland Trail Blazers nearly three months later.

DeShawn Stevenson

Accuser: A 14-year-old girl

Allegations: Stevenson and friends had sex with two teenage girls at a Fresno hotel in June 2001. He said the sex was consensual and he didn’t know how old she was until afterward.

Result: He faced a three-year prison sentence, but the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor. He was fined, put on probation for two years and received a 100-hour community service sentence.

Justin Williams

Accuser: Not publicly released

Allegations: A woman claimed the center, who played 48 of his 49 NBA games with the Kings, and another woman tried to have sex with her at Williams’ Sacramento-area home in October 2007. She reported feeling woozy after having a drink at the home, according to reports in The Bee. Williams’ attorney told The Bee the center and his girlfriend did have sex with her but it was consensual.

Result: According to The Bee’s archives, a police investigation didn’t turn up sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges. “Having thoroughly reviewed the reports and conducted additional investigation, we concur that the evidence does not support the filing of any criminal charges in this case,” said a statement from the office of Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully in November 2007.

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