Sacramento Kings

How the Kings will shoot to entertain fans with both men and women on their dance team

The Kings are no strangers to being inclusive. That was evident when they were honored by the NBA this past season.

They’re continuing to show that with the transition of their longtime dance team.

The Kings on Wednesday announced that the Sacramento Kings Dancers, currently a team comprised only of women who perform during home games, will become a coed group. They will be called 916 Crew and their routines will have a heavy emphasis on hip-hop.

“We are excited to see the entertainment team evolve as we work to broaden our reach and ensure an inclusive environment for all,” John Rinehart, Kings president of business operations, said in a statement.

The Kings will still have their Street Team, which features gymnasts, breakdancers and performers. The NBA G-League affiliate in Stockton will turn their dance team into a street team, which will be called 209 Hype.

All entertainment teams will serve as ambassadors in the community through event appearances and volunteer work. Additionally, the Dunking Ushers, Drumline and 91Sticks teams will still perform at various games.

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