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‘It’s War:’ Shots fired between Kings and 76ers on Twitter after NBA Draft Lottery

The Kings social media team trolled the Philadelphia 76ers in spectacular fashion following the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, but the 76ers came back with a strong response.

The Kings had to convey their lottery pick to the 76ers or the Boston Celtics to complete a 2015 trade with Philadelphia. If the Kings received the No. 1 pick, it would have gone to the 76ers, who could have added Zion Williamson to an already talented young team. Otherwise, the pick would go to the Celtics as part of a trade between Boston and Philadelphia.

Sacramento had a 4.8-percent chance of landing in the top four and a 1-percent chance of securing the No. 1 pick for the 76ers. The Kings let out a huge sigh of relief when the pick went to the Celtics at No. 14.

That wasn’t enough for the Kings, though. Instead, the creative and mischievous minds in the social media department took to Twitter to hit the 76ers with an elbow off the top turnbuckle. They used a clip of Kawhi Leonard’s miraculous rim-hopping, game-winning shot against Philadelphia in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals and some clever video editing to tease the 76ers for losing the game ... and the No. 1 pick.

The caption read: “Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way, @sixers fans. Trade complete.” The video had been viewed over 700,000 times and liked more than 22,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon.

The 76ers were quick to come back at the Kings, making fun of their league-worst 13-year playoff drought.

“Playoffs are like that, you kn- oh... nvm,” the 76ers replied.

What ensued was a hilarious exchange of comments, memes and GIFs from Kings fans, 76ers fans and nonpartisans applauding both teams for having a sense of humor.

One 76ers fan declared: “It’s war.”

Another asked the Kings to “please delete this it is too soon for me and my family.”

A Brooklyn Nets fan offered the following assessment: “Savage ... but I love it!”

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