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NBA power rankings roundup: Kings rise in three polls

Video: Defense leads to Kings first road win this season

The Kings notched their first road win of the season, 97-91, over the Orlando Magic on Saturday.
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The Kings notched their first road win of the season, 97-91, over the Orlando Magic on Saturday.

The Kings showed progress in three of the six polls sampled here. OK, maybe they showed progress in four, if you consider Yahoo’s poll is based on the NBA’s ‘Most Interesting’ teams and Sacramento was a no-show in that collection of teams. ‘Interesting’ isn’t always something positive.

The Kings made their biggest jump – four spots – in ESPN’s rankings and reached the lofty height of 20th

Both the league’s poll and NBC Sports shoved the Kings down one notch. The Kings retained their No. 26 spot in weekly rankings by The Bee’s Jason Jones.

The polls: 24th, down from 26th. From the site: “After hitting five threes in the last two games, Rajon Rondo is shooting better from three-point range (36 percent) than from the free-throw line (35 percent).”

NBC Sports: 25th, down from 24th. From the site: “This pretty much sums up the Kings this season: They are 5-4 when DeMarcus Cousins plays, 0-5 when he sits.”

ESPN: 20th, up from 24th. From the site: “Given the sort of chaos we’re seeing with some of the West’s contenders, don’t we have to give some props to the Kings for weathering the storm?”

CBS Sports: 21st, up from 24th. From the site: “They need to finish off the East coast road trip strong to indicate some stability. By the way, Omri Casspi has been a tremendous value-signing for the Kings.” 22nd, up from 25th. From the site: “Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins are in great form. And … it could all implode any second now.”

Yahoo: unranked, down from third last week. Yahoo calls its list ‘Most Interesting Rankings,’ and the Kings were a no-show among the site’s top 15 teams and its bottom five. Maybe there’s something to be said for flying under the radar, when you consider how Yahoo treats some of its ranked teams. From the site: (Philadelphia’s) getting outscored by nearly the same historically large margin as the Warriors are crushing their opposition. We are watching all-time bad basketball here.

Compiled by Jeff Caraska