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49ers Q&A: Are they seriously thinking about starting Jimmy G?

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo -- cheat sheet on his wrist -- served as the 49ers’ backup in their Nov. 5 game against the Cardinals.
Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo -- cheat sheet on his wrist -- served as the 49ers’ backup in their Nov. 5 game against the Cardinals. The Bee

Michael Edge‏ @_Michael_Edge_ We can’t seriously be thinking of playing @JimmyG_10 behind that offensive line, can we?

ANSW: He's an NFL quarterback, not a Faberge egg. He was brought here to help make a crappy team better. At some point he's got to be part of that crappy team. I agree that you can't put him in until he has a good understanding of the offense. But I still think that Nov. 26 -- a week after the bye -- is the appropriate date. The Colts acquired Jacoby Brissett on Sept. 2 and he was starting on Sept. 17. The 49ers acquired Garoppolo on Oct. 30. A late November debut means he would have double the preparation time Brissett needed and a week longer than the duration of an NFL training camp. Something to keep in mind: No, the 49ers offensive line has not been good. But C.J. Beathard is getting sacked at a higher rate than Brian Hoyer. Which suggests that he's partly responsible for his big hit count. That's not a slam on Beathard. You expect a rookie to hold onto the ball too long, to go through his progressions a beat too slowly. Rather, it's meant to suggest that Garoppolo may not necessarily be in for the same pounding Beathard has received.

Nate‏ @n8louie Pretty sure this is not 100% cause & effect relationship, but 49ers have a new strength & conditioning staff this year. Not good start?

ANSW: It's hard to pinpoint a common thread to the injuries because, well, there is no common thread to the injuries. Just look at the prominent ones in the last couple of games. Joe Staley broke his eye socket, Jimmie Ward broke his forearm, Pierre Garcon broke a tiny bone where his skull and spine meet, Trent Taylor broke a rib and Jaquiski Tartt broke his arm. There is no amount of conditioning that would have prevented these. (Maybe whole milk instead of skim?) If there were a slew of hamstring strains or torn pectorals, maybe you could point to what is or what isn't happening in the training room. The 49ers' ailments appear to be the expected results of a sport in which huge, fast, armored individuals hurl themselves into one another 175 times a game. One notable: There haven't been very many injuries so far that threaten to seep into 2018's preparation.

ANSW: No. I think he returns to being a backup. But if you're searching for silver linings this season -- and you need an old man-style magnifying lass to find them -- he's one of them. Magnuson played well at right tackle on Sunday, albeit with some help from tight end Garrett Celek. It's a good bet he'll be given a chance to compete for a starting role next year. The question is, where? As you note, it could be at center or either guard spot.

Perry (49ers 0-8 )‏ @ItsAnthony_Breh Whether as a backup or a starter, has CJ Beathard proved he deserves a spot on the roster?

ANSW: Yes. Absolutely. To borrow a phrase from Kyle Shanahan, 'by no means has Beathard been perfect.' For example, he goes through his progressions too slowly and holds onto the football too long, both of which have been significant contributors to the number of times he's been hit. But he's displayed the one characteristic -- pocket courage -- Shanahan holds most dear and it would be a big surprise if he didn't pick up his pace and become more savvy with time. … Also, there appears to be a one-week lag on your Twitter avatar handle.

just dan‏ @Lumpy_Dan Why are most of the 49ers beat writers bald (handsomely so)?

ANSW: Covering bad 49ers teams is taxing. Similar to what being President for eight years did to Obama's hair.

Don't Panic @felatioalger why not promote someone like Smelter?

ANSW: Dunno. Theory among beatwriters is that Louis Murphy has compromising photos of a high-ranking 49ers official. Nothing else adequately explains why he's been tapped -- twice now -- for duty. When they brought him in in the summer it took him a couple of weeks just to get into full practices.

Sky Collins‏ @sky4est In good conscience, should I let my children watch this next game?

ANSW: I suppose if you let them watch that Cowboys-49ers snuff film, they can get through this one, the NFL version of two peeved nonagenarians slowly ramming their motorized scooters into one another.

Coach DeSimone‏ @CoachJall Matt Barrows is the 49ers GM - Sashi Brown calls and offers the 1st overall pick for Jimmy Garoppolo, do you pull the trigger?

ANSW: I think: A man willing to give away the first pick in the draft also might be willing to toss in the No. 7 overall pick, too. And then the dance begins.

Andy‏ @abruzzoooo Is jimmy g waiting until after off season to change profile?

ANSW: I interpret that as a good sign. Means he's been neck-deep in his playbook since arriving. No time for messing around with social media. … It reminds me of the time the 49ers acquired quarterback Troy Smith just before their bye. Asked if he stuck around during the bye to learn the playbook, Smith said, no, he went home to Ohio and hung out with family. Troy Smith didn't last very long.

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