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49ers coach puts Frank Ginda through workout one week after car crash

Linebacker Frank Ginda put up 29 repetitions of 225 pounds at San Jose State's pro day on Friday,  23.
Linebacker Frank Ginda put up 29 repetitions of 225 pounds at San Jose State's pro day on Friday, 23.

One week after a car crash sent him to the emergency room, San Jose State linebacker Frank Ginda went through a full pro-day workout that included a 20-minute session with 49ers linebackers coach Johnny Holland.

Despite a sore left shoulder from the collision, Ginda put up 29 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press, the third highest mark the school has recorded, and he ran his 40-yard dash in a faster-than-expected 4.72 seconds.

"This is football; you've got to play through everything," Ginda, who led the NCAA in tackles last season, said after his session. "I thought I did a good job at coming out and showing (NFL teams) that it doesn't matter what happens to me, I'm always going to be a reliable guy."

On March 16, Ginda was stopped at an intersection in San Jose when his car was T-boned by an oncoming vehicle that had been hit by a third vehicle that ran a red light. His face was driven into the windshield and he needed 10 stitches to close multiple wounds on his face and head. The driver of the silver or gray Ford van that caused the crash ran away from the scene and San Jose police are looking for that person.

The shoulder restraint of Ginda's seat belt saved him from going through the windshield altogether, but his left shoulder also has been sore during the week.

It didn't seem to matter.

"Aside from the marks on his face, no, you couldn't tell," Holland said when asked whether it was apparent that Ginda had been in a car accident just days earlier.

Holland put Ginda and teammate William Ossai through a series of inside linebacker drills in which they had to high-step obstacles and drop in space.

"He really liked my movement," Ginda said. "He said I move really, really well. He was joking about it. He said, 'I wish my linebackers move like you' – just messing around. But it was great having a professional coach come out here, give his time to me and help me be a better player."

Holland said Ginda's bench-press prowess showed that he was a hard worker. He also liked how the linebacker moved.

"I look at how well guys flip their hips," he said. "A lot of the college guys think they need to be big up top. The lower body is just as important. And Frank showed me he could move his hips. He did well."

Scouts from 22 teams were on hand to watch San Jose's prospects with Ginda, cornerback Andre Chachere and punter Michael Carrizosa drawing the most interest. Chachere stood on the numbers he recorded earlier this month at the scouting combine and did position drills only on Friday.

Ginda has been told he could be anything from a fourth-round pick to an undrafted free agent.

"I don't care when I go," he said. "If I'm Mr. Irrelevant (the last pick in the draft), that doesn't matter. I just want to at least get my shot. I know I worked really hard. I know I deserve it. I know that once I get on a team it's going to be really hard to cut me."