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49ers mailbag: How are things shaping up at wide receiver?

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon remains with the San Francisco 49ers following Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline.
Wide receiver Pierre Garcon remains with the San Francisco 49ers following Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. The Bee

zack van dyck@49erfanZack I feel when the new regime came in they had a lot of holes to fill, so they overpaid veterans to fill those spots and have since then drafted all their successors. Can you see a mass exodus next season of these older players? I.E Malcolm Smith, Garçon, Dakoda Watson, etc.

ANSW: That's probably a good read, Zack. It largely will depend, of course, on the players behind them. The 49ers seem to have Smith's eventual replacement in Fred Warner. If Pita Taumoepenu shows improvement, he might be able to overtake Watson this year. Garcon? It doesn't seem as if his replacement is on the roster yet. Receiver and pass rusher might be the team's biggest shopping items next offseason.

Marcus Peck‏ @barkuspeckers How is Richie James doing? I haven't heard a single peep about him.

ANSW: He looked good. Because the 49ers were down four receivers last week, he took a lot of repetitions. The question is, which receivers make the 53-man squad? The 49ers kept six on the active roster last year. Right now, my guess for the top six would be: Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis, Aldrick Robinson and Kendrick Bourne. Does Aaron Burbridge make the team instead of Bourne? He has better value on special teams than any other receiver save Pettis. Or maybe the 49ers feel that Pettis and Robinson are similar enough in terms of the roles they fill that Robinson becomes expendable. As far as James, I don't think the 49ers would have any problem stashing him on the practice squad for a year.

Jason McCord@jasondmccord If 49ers players violate the new NFL rule by kneeling during the National Anthem, how do you think the team reacts? @JedYork seemed pretty upset with the change at the owner's meeting.

ANSW: I think Jed York fines them a nickel and makes them do five — no, seven! — pushups.

I.R.N.B @Vickyy_Dee do you think the Niners would trade Joshua Garnett and Joe Williams if they are on the verge of not making the 53 man roster?

ANSW: I'm sure they would love to. But I doubt they'd find a trade partner. After all, why trade for someone you might be able to get for free?

L.A Smythe@la_smudge What's mike shanahans role with the 49ers, is he a permanent staff member throughout the season or off season?

ANSW: No. He was on hand for the team's two most recent practices and presumably was there for family day on Thursday, too. But as much as Kyle Shanahan loves his dad, I don't think he wants him around too much. This is Kyle's team.

David PM@davidtmd Hey, Matt. What's been your favorite moment covering the 49ers? And the best piece you've written, the one that makes your feel more proud.

ANSW: Moment: When Alex Smith threw the touchdown pass to Vernon Davis in the divisional game in 2012. Those guys had been on some dog-breath-awful teams. I wrote a story after that comparing Smith to Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption in that he had endured a tough situation and crawled through a half-mile of you know what but had come out clean on the other side. Sadly, I can't find it anywhere online. I hope someone can. I hope

Update: My new best friend Yato Yoshida found the story deep inside the Matrix. Here it is.

copyboy1‏ @copyboy1 Chance any Matt makes the roster?

ANSW: Yes, I'm confident that — barring injury — Matt Breida makes the roster. Also, Matt Barrows made an awesome sideline catch last summer on pass that Carlos Hyde (surprise!) misjudged. One-handed while filming. (In your face, Lynn Swann). I would have thought it would have caught John Lynch's or Adam Peters' or someone's eye, but I haven't received my offer yet. I guess they're not grinding tape as diligently as they say they are.

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