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Tragedy struck 49ers Marquise Goodwin again in 2018

Unimaginable tragedy struck the Goodwins a second time.

Morgan Goodwin-Snow, the wife of 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin, revealed on their YouTube channel Wednesday why her husband was away from the team for two games during the second half of the 2018 season: They lost twin boys due to complications with her pregnancy, almost exactly a year after the couple lost their son to a miscarriage in 2017.

“We experienced another traumatic event in our life we had to overcome. It was tough at that point in the season,” Marquise Goodwin said in the video.

Goodwin wound up missing road games Nov. 25 against the Buccaneers and Dec. 2 versus the Seahawks. Morgan Goodwin-Snow was rushed to the hospital after feeling contractions soon after the 49ers arrived in Tampa Bay, and Marquise Goodwin quickly returned to the Bay Area.

“I experienced pre-term labor and I was having contractions. I was in and out of the hospital and I was placed on bed rest. So that one game when babe had to leave to go to (Tampa Bay) … but I ended up getting hospitalized,” Morgan Goodwin-Snow said. “(I) woke up at 3 a.m. in the morning with contractions, they were really bad and I rushed to the hospital.”

Goodwin said her contractions led to losing the first of the twins, then they lost the other during surgery.

The couple found out they were expecting during training camp but Morgan Goodwin-Snow refrained from sharing the news.

“Because I was afraid of a loss, another loss,” she said. “So I was going to hold out until I reached a certain point, to where I really couldn’t hide it any more. ... Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.”

Between the lines, Marquise Goodwin didn’t have the season he was expecting after his career year in 2017. He suffered a deep thigh bruise after colliding with a defensive lineman against the Vikings Week 1 and struggled to get back up to speed. He finished with 23 catches for 395 yards and four touchdowns. His previous season: 56 catches, 962 yards and two scores.

Off the field, Goodwin in 2018 was tending to his pregnant wife who lost a child during pregnancy less than a full calendar year earlier.

“(We’re) taking it day by day, comforting each other,” Marquise Goodwin said. “Doing different things to keep our minds busy, keep each other busy. ... Just trying to show each other love whenever we can. We appreciate (your) support.”

Goodwin played against the New York Giants Nov. 12 hours after the couple their first child in 2017. He scored an emotional 83-yard touchdown that was key in the 49ers’ first victory of the season after starting 0-9. He announced the loss of his son because of the miscarriage on Instagram after the game.

Goodwin declined to offer specifics about the reasoning for his absence this November until the couple’s video was published on Wednesday.

The 49ers signed Goodwin to a three-year, $18.85 million contract extension last offseason that has him under team control through 2021. He initially joined San Francisco on a modest two-year, $8 million pact in 2017.

Chris Biderman has covered the 49ers since 2013 and began covering the team for The Sacramento Bee in August 2018. He previously spent time with the Associated Press and USA TODAY Sports Media Group. A Santa Rosa native, he graduated with a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University.