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Aldon Smith: I’ve been sober since September

Aldon Smith today said he will meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell in New York some time in the “near future” to discuss the incidents for which he was sentenced last week but that a date has not been set. Goodell is expected to decide on any suspension for Smith, the 49ers' top pass rusher, shortly thereafter.

Last week, a judge sentenced Smith to 12 days on a work crew after he pleaded “no contest” to DUI and gun possession charges. He is expected to fulfill that sentence on Mondays, a day off for the 49ers. Smith voluntarily entered an alcohol rehabilitation center following his September DUI and missed six weeks of the season. A month later, Goodell said that stint would be considered when doling out any punishment.

The DUI arrest was the second in 1 ½ years for Smith, who was pulled over in Miami Beach after his rookie season. Those charges later were reduced to reckless driving. A police spokeswoman also said that Smith was suspected to have been drinking in April when he was arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport. Smith’s blood-alcohol content was never tested, however, and the bomb-threat charge was eventually dropped.

Smith countered the allegation he had been drinking in L.A. by saying he's been sober since going to the alcohol rehabilitation facility in September. “I've been able to maintain (sobriety). It's going good,” he said.

As far as his visit with Goodell, the 49ers have off days on Monday and on Aug. 2. In addition, they will be within a three-hours drive of Goodell from Aug. 6 to Aug. 11 while visiting the Baltimore Ravens for an exhibition game and several joint practices.

Smith can begin his work program later this month. “The time that I have – free time – I'll take care of it,” he said.

Smith said he has never reported to training camp in better shape. He attributed it to a new workout protocol and a better outlook. “Everything's about growth, and I just keep growing,” he said. “This process has been a growing process, and I'm in a better spot than I have been.”

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