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49ers Q&A: Will Washington trade for a tight end?

Vance McDonald is one of eight healthy tight ends on the 49ers’ roster
Vance McDonald is one of eight healthy tight ends on the 49ers’ roster AP

Timothy ‏@PettitTimothy

Q: With the TE news in Washington, do you think any of our TE get traded there?

Ans: Washington has lost two tight ends (both of whom were expected to make the 53-man roster) for the season while Jacksonville's Julius Thomas has a hand injury that could linger into the regular season. Meanwhile, the 49ers' Trent Baalke has a surplus at the position -- eight healthy tight ends plus a longsnapper, Kyle Nelson, who showed last preseason that he could play the tight end position in a pinch.

But that overstock is a double-edged sword. The league's other general managers know that Baalke is not going to keep eight tight ends on his 53-man squad and will have to waive half of them at some point before the season. Someone like Washington GM Scot McCloughan, who loves to keep his draft picks and who has a high pick in the waiver system, could just sit back and wait to get one for free.

Washington has one starter-caliber tight end, Jordan Reed, who is ready to return to practice after dealing with a hamstring strain. Reed has been nicked a lot during his career. If that happens again, McCloughan could be more desperate to work a deal. I highly doubt that Vernon Davis -- even though he is from Washington, D.C. and played nearby at Maryland -- would be part of a trade (Dan Snyder would be for it; McCloughan against it). But I wonder if Vance McDonald is obtainable.

Richard Brealey ‏@Rabrealey

Q: Expectation for Def? Only mayor change from last year is Cowboy as Aldon, P52 and Navorro where out for big portions of year.

Ans: Well ... Chris Borland, who filled in quite admirably for Willis also is gone, so are the starting cornerbacks and Dan Skuta, who was probably under appreciated for his johnny-on-the-spot abilities. But I see your point. The biggest difference between '14 and '15 may be the philosophy. Eric Mangini's defense will be more big-play oriented. I mentioned double-edged swords above. This is another example as a blitzing defense can trigger momentous plays both for the defense and the opposing offense. We've seen both in recent 49ers practices. The bottom line: I expect the defense to be good to very good and to keep the 49ers in most games this season.

dan ismael sr ‏@Ninerdan1

Q: is pears and brown pretty close in that competition?

Ans: No. I would say that the 49ers are pretty entrenched with Joe Staley at left tackle, Alex Boone at left guard and Erik Pears at right tackle. It's the other two spots that are still being mulled. Seventh-round pick Trent Brown has shown potential at tackle. But he's very much considered a second stringer at the moment. He's a project.

Jusie Ismael ‏@jusie_ismael

Q: how bad does the rg/c have to look til the 49ers pursue evan mathis on a 1 year deal

Answ: I think it has to be bad. The 49ers are prepared to look at several combinations (Looney C, Martin RG; Martin C, Thomas RG; Martin C, Silberman RG) before they throw their hands in the air and call Mathis. Meanwhile, Mathis and his agent are hoping for seven sacks tonight. With J.J. Watt lining up on the left side of Houston's defensive line, that's not implausible.

mike denny jr ‏@mdenny13

Q: with Hunter out, do u think Mike Davis will get a nice amount of time out there tonight? Liked watching him in college.

Ans: Yes, I predict he will get more carries than any other 49ers runner. Challenger: Kendall Gaskins.

Quint ‏@QuintUK

Q: what is the mathematical likelihood of Blaine Gabbert becoming the next Peyton Manning?

Ans: The same as me dating Mila Kunis. (Why won't you answer my letters??)

9ERBOB ‏@9erbob

Q: Who is the QB for the Texans ?

Ans: David Carr, duh?

IggyFenton ‏@IggyFenton

Q: After 'the worst offseason in NFL history' who is the player we can least afford to lose to injury today?

Ans: Joe Staley or Colin Kaepernick.

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