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49ers coach Jim Tomsula is ‘trying not to cuss’

49ers head coach Jim Tomsula during Saturday’s preseason opener in Houston.
49ers head coach Jim Tomsula during Saturday’s preseason opener in Houston. AP

Sure, Jim Tomsula isn’t exactly Cicero or Winston Churchill when it comes to public speaking. He probably wasn’t the captain of his high school debate team. The guy famously grunted and stammered his way through his first TV interview as the 49ers’ coach, a session in which he also coined the term “ludicrust.”

But while he may lack eloquence, Tomsula has been exceedingly quotable since his rough start. He has a folksy, unpretentious manner, which probably is one reason players like him so much. His quotes, often food-related, also reflect that. To wit:

On right tackle Erik Pears: “He’s one of those tough-nut Colorado dudes that climbed out of some … either got off a horse or climbed out of a mine. That’s just what he is. Doesn’t say anything, got his wife and four kids and that’s about it. He’s got that and football. So he’s my type of guy.”

On how the 49ers’ defense played in the exhibition opener: “We looked like popcorn. We were popping all over the place. Instead of one continuous pop, it was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.”

On social media: “OK, this is where Bob (team spokesman Bob Lange) is probably going to crack an eyeball. I don’t like it at all. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t do it. I don’t use it. I really don’t want everybody to know where I’m at all the time and what I’m eating. I don’t get it, personally.”

On the 49ers’ young cornerbacks: “There’s some talented guys there, you know? And you’re seeing different things flash daily. Little beeps on the radar are starting to become, instead of, ‘Beep … beep,’ it’s, ‘Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!’ We’re looking for that. We want (the beeps) close together.”

On defensive lineman Quinton Dial: He is an absolute ... I don’t know; I’m trying not to cuss; he just busts his tail, I mean, every day, he busts his tail.”

On his response when running back Reggie Bush asked to return punts this season: “I’m not going to cuss, but I said, ‘Yes.’”

On quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s 2014 season: “When we go back to the criticisms on Colin – look, we were 8-8 last year. Everyone takes a big bite out of that sandwich.”

In February, when asked about defensive end Justin Smith’s possible retirement: “I usually get with Justin after the combine and when we get back. That’s usually when he and I usually shoot the bologna.”

On his players’ condition on the first day of training camp: “I was extremely happy with what we just saw. The only fat guy on the field today was me.”

On quarterback Blaine Gabbert: “Well, I’m a believer in Blaine Gabbert. I am. Just point blank, I’m a believer in Blaine Gabbert. Again, we are building a team, so in terms of the on-the-field play and the team, Blaine Gabbert, that’s a beautiful piece.”

On public speaking: “It’s been well documented. I’m not real good on these podiums looking down at people and talking at them. OK, you know what I mean? That’s just not me.”

So you’re more comfortable in an impromptu solo session? “Completely talking about Jimbo.”

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