San Francisco 49ers

Roman accepts blame, doesn’t hear criticism

Criticism? What criticism?

That was Greg Roman's reaction today when asked how he's handled all of the fan angst from the 49ers' tepid start to the season. While the team's defense is ranked No. 2 in the NFL, the offense is 19th and has born the brunt of fan fury.

“That's news to me,” Roman said when asked how he handles that kind of criticism. “I really don't pay attention to that. All the fans I've come across are very gracious and very classy. But I really can't concern myself with all the flak that might fly around, good or bad.”

Jim Harbaugh also used “flak” when asked about criticism from Steve Young.

“I really don’t comment on anything that’s coming from outside or flak,” he said Wednesday. “Keep that on the outside. It’s up to us. It’s up to us, the men in the room.”

Harbaugh came to Roman's defense earlier in the week and Roman’s players – some of them unprompted – also have said the issue is not the man calling the plays. No one has identified anything specific as far as the team's issue, rather pointing to vague concepts like focus and execution.

“On game day, you've just got to make it count,” receiver Michael Crabtree said. “Every snap counts, every rep counts. Take that into consideration and win and beat the man in front of you and play football, good football, winning football.”

Roman, however, did accept responsibility for the team's faltering start.

“When we fall short, it starts squarely with me,” he said. “I've got to do a better job getting us prepared, getting us to execute better. It really starts with me. I think we're constantly evaluating, critiquing. Second-guessing gets you nowhere.”

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