San Francisco 49ers

49ers report card: Niners earn failing grade

▪ Offense: Colin Kaepernick follows his worst outing of the season with his second worst. His interception on the first play sets the tone for the offense, which again is side-swiped by mistakes, turnovers, penalties and a lack of rhythm. Grade: D-

▪ Defense: Ahmad Brooks watches from the sideline while Aldon Smith and his mates fail to put any pressure on quarterback Derek Carr, who looks like the second coming of Tom Brady instead of a rookie on a one-win team. Grade: C-

▪ Special teams: Bruce Ellington has several good returns, but his judgment on punt returns – when to let the ball go, when to fair catch – must be honed. Grade: C+

▪ Overall: While the 49ers lost to the league’s worst team by record, their division rivals, the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams, all won. The 49ers are no longer playing for first place in the division; they’re playing not to finish last. Grade: F

Matt Barrows