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49ers mailbag: If Adam Gase is hired, does Fangio bolt?

Answer: It’s certainly not as cut and dry as others have suggested. Fangio does not strike me as someone who makes bold proclamations about not working with someone else. Fangio is measured and patient. (The man worked alongside Jim Harbaugh for Pete’s sake -- for five years!) I think he’d consider that possibility. He may conclude that it won’t work, but he will take a wait-and-see approach. Absent any head-coaching offers, working under Gase in San Francisco might be attractive to Fangio because A) Fangio loves his players, B.) He stands to earn a hefty salary in 2015, C.) He’d have full control over the defense.

That said, I think he’d have options if he decided to leave. Bottom line: He hasn’t made any decisions, at least as far as Gase.

That’s the only thing that explains the timing and location. If the 49ers felt comfortable that the Broncos wouldn’t make Gase an offer he can’t refuse, they would have flown him out to Santa Clara so that he could see the facility and meet with all the suits. In this case, Trent Baalke flew solo to Denver. The 49ers, however, do have some time. The Broncos can’t make Gase a formal offer until they comply with the Rooney Rule. The 49ers have satisfied that rule.

Answer: It’s one of the great mysteries of life, like ‘Is there such thing as Bigfoot?’ ‘Who shot Kennedy?’ and ‘What the hell are the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter?’ I don’t know the answer to this. I believe that Tomsula is still very much a contender. But according to his agent at least, he hasn’t had a formal interview. Now have the 49ers had an informal interview? I’m certain they have.

Answer: Ed Donatell or Jim Tomsula. The 49ers are looking for as much continuity on defense as possible.

Answer: I’m sure that’s what Baalke is trying to figure out today. Remember, interviews with coaches who are still in the playoffs are limited to four hours. There was a sense that the 49ers simply didn’t learn all they wanted to learn on the first go around. I’m not saying today’s interview is merely dotting i’s and crossing t’s -- there’s true interest. But there’s also a reason why Baalke is spending upwards of eight hours with Gase. (Poor Gase!).

One last item. I tweeted this a week ago. Should I use my power of clairvoyance for good or for evil?

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