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Outdoor orchid gives dry garden lush look

This is one part in a weekly series featuring the UC Davis Arboretum’s “Garden Gems” series – 45 can’t-fail, easy-care, low-water plants well adapted to our region and that add sparkle to drought-tolerant landscapes.

Chinese butterfly orchid

Bletilla ochracea

Size: 24 to 30 inches tall and wide

Bloom season: Creamy yellow flowers from spring through late summer.

Exposure: Part sun to bright shade.

Pruning needs: Remove brown leaves and old flower stems in winter.

Water needs: Medium-low; once established, water once a week or every other week.

Snapshot: Who knew that orchids could be drought-tolerant – or grow outside in Sacramento? But the pretty Chinese butterfly orchid is a hardy exception. Considered a deciduous perennial, this orchid forms a clump, 2 feet wide and tall, with pleated bright green leaves and creamy yellow jewel-toned flowers that give the low-water garden a lush, tropical look. It keeps blooming from April through September. Foliage dies down in winter, but in spring, this little workhorse bounces back quickly.

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