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Handy Camel helps seal, tote big bags

Handy Camel over-sized bag clip

From The Handy Camel; made in Kansas City, Mo.

How much: $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

Where to buy: Available at Emigh Hardware in Sacramento and online at www.handycamel.com.

Pro: Easy to use, this device works like an oversized potato-chip clip for really big bags that also doubles as a convenient handle. It’s sturdy enough to carry a 40-pound bag but gentle enough not to tear filmy plastic. Most important, it keeps the bag securely shut, preventing spills. Works well on bags of kitty litter, pet food, charcoal, potting soil, wood pellets, rock salt and other heavy, unyielding bags.

Con: Currently, it has limited availability in the Sacramento area. Opening and closing the clip can be hazardous to long fingernails.

Rating (out of 5):* * * * *