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Water-wise tip: Switch from wasteful sprinklers to efficient drip lines

This is part of a new weekly feature in Home & Garden, highlighting ways residents can save water.

•  Convert sprinklers to drip irrigation system for your trees, shrubs and flowers.

For 500 square feet of landscaping, this conversion saves at least 15 gallons every time you irrigate. If you irrigate twice a week, that adds up to potentially 1,560 gallons a year.

Drip systems put water where plants need it most –at the roots. But remember: Drip systems emit water much more slowly than sprinklers. A typical pop-up sprinkler head sprays 2 gallons per minute; drip systems emit 1 to 2 gallons PER HOUR. Most shrubs and perennials need at least 1 gallon a week. So set your irrigation timer accordingly.

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– Debbie Arrington