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Hints From Heloise: Safety tips for water play

DEAR READERS: It’s water time for summertime! You and yours may be swimming, playing, floating and wading in a pool, lake, river, ocean, water park or pond. Water is inviting this time of year, but can also be dangerous in some instances. Please read through the following hints so you or someone you love doesn’t become a sad statistic.

Statistically, a child under the age of 4 has a higher probability of dying by drowning because of an accident than any other unintentional way.

▪ Do swim in pairs. Don’t let anyone (especially children) swim alone.

▪ Do not leave children alone in or around water. Ever! Even for 30 seconds!

▪ Teach children to swim. Heloise Here: At a minimum, teach them to float on their back. If they ever get into trouble, tell them float!

▪ Don’t check email, text or do other distracting tasks while watching children! DO, however, have a phone close in case of emergency.

▪  If a child is missing, look in the water first! Don’t wait!

My thanks to The American Red Cross, PoolSafely.gov and SafeKids.org for these combined Safe Hints for Safe Swimming. I added one or two of mine also.

DEAR HELOISE: This is regarding the hint about buying postcards to use for a photo album. (Heloise here: To use as dividers in the album.) While traveling, before taking pictures daily or visiting a new place, I take a photo on my smartphone. I photograph a sign, building or some landmark that shows where we are, what city, country, etc. When I review my photos or print them out, I have a guide as to where or what we were doing.

Kay, sent via email

DEAR HELOISE: My parents’ cat died of old age, and they didn’t want another cat right away because they are moving. They didn’t know what to do with the pet carrier. I called my veterinarian’s office to see if they could use it. They gladly took it and said it’s nice to have extras when a client doesn’t have one or needs to borrow one.

Bianca from California,

via email

DEAR BIANCA: A purr-fect hint! Readers, if you have carriers, beds, blankets, leashes, etc., that are no longer needed, please check with an animal shelter, rescue group or vet’s office. They will probably take them.

DEAR HELOISE: I have a beard and when I trim it, little hairs get all over the sink and counter. To help keep the bathroom cleaner, I lay a sheet of newspaper on the counter and trim over that. Just fold up the newspaper and throw it away.

Bill R. from Alaska, via email

DEAR HELOISE: We had screens replaced on our house, and some were in pretty good shape. I cleaned them up and use them around the house. One way is as a drying rack for my sweaters and clothes I hand wash.

Katherine R., Ft. Worth TX

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