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Water-wise tip: Give new plants a head start

Shasta Daisy flower
Shasta Daisy flower Bigstock

This is part of a weekly feature in Home & Garden, highlighting ways residents can save water.

▪  Get a jump on spring plantings.

This seems counter-intuitive; new transplants need water. But when those plants mature, they’ll require less water next spring and beyond if they get off to a strong start now.

Fall is the best time to plant many perennials as well as most trees and shrubs in the Sacramento area. Longtime gardeners know plants set out in the autumn require less water — and will look better — come springtime. Those transplants will become established quicker with deep roots that can get the maximum out of any water available. That will help them survive dry months next year if the drought continues — and for many more dry years to come.

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Debbie Arrington