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Best to keep medications right side up

DEAR HELOISE: Ever have difficulty remembering whether you took a medication? When you take the medication, turn the bottle upside down.

Christine in Leesburg, Fla.

DEAR CHRISTINE: I must caution my readers: This hint may work for you, but it’s really not safe or recommended. What if someone moves the bottle, it falls over or is knocked off the counter? Far better to keep a little list, notepad or sticky note nearby. Mark down the times taken or simply a.m./p.m. It only takes a few seconds.

DEAR HELOISE: I go to a lot of picnics in the summer. I buy aluminum pans of different sizes to put food in. I then decorate the pans with decals and flowers. They look festive, and no cleanup for the hostess.

Margie in Reading, Pa.

Dear Heloise: I have a towel dilemma. No matter if I add softener to the rinse or use dryer sheets, the towels don’t come out soft anymore. They are stiff and rough when dried. I would appreciate getting softness back in my towels.

Faye in Lufkin, Texas

DEAR FAYE: Too much fabric softener, too much detergent and overstuffing the washer all can contribute to the problem. Also, line drying. Here’s my classic Heloise Hint: Wash the towels with no detergent, but add only 1 cup of ammonia and rinse twice. Using fabric softener is OK, but more is not better. Maybe every third or fourth wash.

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