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Water-wise tip: Dial back the sprinklers as the weather cools


This is part of a weekly feature in Home & Garden, highlighting ways residents can save water.

▪  Dial back your sprinkler time as the weather cools.

You’ve already cut back your watering days to two a week. Now, take a minute or two off each station time.

During cooler fall weather, your landscaping grows more slowly and needs less water than during the heat of summer. To stay in step with this change of seasons, gradually cut down on the time your sprinklers or irrigation system run.

For starters, dial back each irrigation station or zone one minute. If you have eight stations or zones, that’s eight minutes less water. A typical sprinkler system puts out about 12 gallons per minute per zone. If you have eight stations, that’s a 96-gallon savings every watering day.

And while you’re thinking about time, that’s changing, too. Remember to “fall back” an hour before Sunday morning and reset your clocks. Standard time resumes at 2 a.m. Sunday, meaning we get back that hour we “lost” in spring.

For more tips, visit www.bewatersmart.info.

Debbie Arrington