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Hints From Heloise: Getting rid of older TVs

DEAR HELOISE: We are a retired couple who are downsizing. We heard it is hard to get rid of/recycle an old, fully working TV. One is a 24-inch bedroom box with a nice, clear picture. The other is 40 inches and an older flat-screen TV, also in working order. Both TVs were replaced by family on our 62nd anniversary with slick, 32-inch flat TVs.

F.M. in Texas

DEAR F.M.: Congratulations on 62 years of marriage, as well as the new TVs! Downsizing is difficult enough without having to worry about where to “send” things rather than just throwing them out!

Old TVs may be difficult to “donate” (especially tube type), but you can find the right place. Call around to as many local charities as you can. Check with thrift stores, religious groups and other volunteer centers that may welcome a working TV no matter the age. Plus, one less electronic item to go into a landfill is good for all of us.

P.S.: Readers, I need your help! Please share your suggestions for donating, recycling or reusing old TVs! Surely there are groups that will take these and use them in some way?

DEAR HELOISE: My son took pencils to school and became frustrated when the erasers smeared his work. A friend noticed the problem and gave him this hint to fix the problem: He said to take an emery board or some sandpaper and rub it all over the eraser. This will renew the eraser. It works!

Joan K., via email

DEAR HELOISE: I was visiting my sister and shared a bathroom with family members. I didn’t want to hog the bathroom to do my hair and makeup, so I came up with this solution.

I put my tablet computer on selfie mode (front camera), and lo and behold, it became the perfect way to handle my beauty needs in my bedroom.

If you have a stand for your tablet, it works even better. I could take my time, and no one had to wait because of me.

Mary Ann in Lake Wales, Fla.

DEAR HELOISE: These days, most extra buttons on new clothes come in little zipper-top bags. So that I will be able to easily find the button I am looking for, I simply fold the price tag (which usually has a great description, including the maker, style and color already printed on it) and tuck it in the little bag.

If it is too big, it does not take much to trim it with scissors, which I already have on hand to cut off the tag.

J.T., Fairhope, Ala.

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