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We Tested It: Cree LED 60-watt bulb

How much: Suggested retail price: $9.97

Where to buy: Available at The Home Depot and Amazon.com

Pro: Now that nightfall comes earlier, we need more indoor light options. Great natural-looking light that lasts and lasts; that’s what these LED bulbs offer. This bulb uses 84 percent less energy than a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb. With a 10-year warranty, the Cree bulb is expected to give 25,000 hours of light. That’s 20 years of average use.

Con: Almost $10 for a light bulb still registers sticker shock. LED bulbs are heavier than familiar incandescent bulbs and that may cause balance issues with some older light fixtures. If you are using multiple bulbs in one fixture, replace all with LED bulbs.

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