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Garden checklist: Start a winter vegetable garden

Calendula Bigstock

Vegetables in winter? Of course! You can’t grow tomatoes and squash (unless you have a heated greenhouse), but there are lots of other edibles that you can grow during colder months. Take a break from the holiday hoopla and work on your garden. For example:

▪  Transplant asparagus roots along with seedlings for bok choy, kale and leaf lettuce.

▪  Seed directly into garden fava beans, broccoli, mustard, radicchio and radishes.

▪  Plant onion sets and garlic.

▪  Start indoors early spring annuals such as aster, calendula, cornflower and cosmos.

▪  Seeds for California poppy and echinacea can be planted directly in the garden.

▪ Plant daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other spring-blooming bulbs. Don’t forget those bulbs chilling in the refrigerator.